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A small improvisation, primarily to standing stones, then races, blessings, and werewolf abilities.

Greater Standing Stones

NEW in V1.3: The "You may only have one sign blessing at a time." sentence in each of the end of stone description has been replaced with Emperor's commentary in Oblivion.

1. The Apprentice Stone

Gift of Maagnus
Regenerate mana faster, and regenerate both health and stamina slower.

2. The Atronach Stone

Arcane Corruption
Increases mana pool by 150 and allowing 30% mana absorption from hostile spells, but slowing mana regeneration.

3. The Lady Stone

Lady's Grace
Regenerate health and stamina as fast as half, but slows your mana regeneration a bit.

4. The Lord Stone

Blood of the Kings
Grants 80 points to passive armor and 20% to magic resistance.

5. The Lover Stone

Lover's Bower
All skills improve 15% faster and able to heal yourself automatically once per day when low on health (10%). (untested)

6. The Mage Stone

Gates of Aetherius
Magic skills improve 20% faster and gives extra 50 points to mana.

7. The Ritual Stone

Necromastery (at will)
Raises all the lost soul around to fight for 120 seconds at 750 spell cost.

8. The Serpent Stone

Curse of the Serpent (at will)
Curses the target and do 150 points of malediction in 15 seconds at 562 spell cost.

9. The Shadow Stone

Moonshadow (at will)
Bound to shadows and silence for 90 seconds at 445 spell cost.

10. The Steed Stone

Adds 150 carry weight and worn armor is weightless.

11. The Thief Stone

Cheater's Nip
Stealth skills improve 20% faster and gives extra 50 points to stamina.

12. The Tower Stone

Warden's Zap (at will)
Allows you to break any locks up to expert level and lockpicking is easier.

13. The Warrior Stone

Combat skills improve 20% faster and gives extra 50 points to health.

Improved Races

1. Argonian

Saxhleel Blood
You are 75% resistant to disease and able to breath underwater.

Histskin (at will)
Regenerate health 10x faster, but you can't regenerate mana and stamina for 60 seconds.

Histborn (at will)
Boost health by 100 points for 90 seconds, but you will lose 80 health points in return.

2. Breton

Twin Blood
In Oblivion, Bretons are born with extra 50 mana points and 50% resistant to magic, and shall be like it in Skyrim.

Dragoncloak (at will)
Lose all mana to absorb half mana from hostile spells for 30 seconds.

3. Dark Elf

You are 50% resistant to fire.

Ancestor's Fury (at will)
Surrounds you in fire for 90 seconds.

Ancestor's Rage (once per day)
Deal a fire burst to hostile (and non-hostile) foes around you.

4. High Elf

In Oblivion, High Elves are born with extra 100 mana points, and shall be like it in Skyrim.

[i]Highborn (at will)

Regenerate mana 10x faster, but you can't regenerate stamina for 60 seconds.

Highbrand (at will)
Boost mana by 100 points for 90 seconds, but you will lose 80 mana points in return.

5. Imperial

Voice of the Emperor (at will)
Calm nearby opponents for 90 seconds with the cost of 218 mana.

Star of the West (once per day)
Restores 250 points to health, mana and stamina.

6. Khajiit

Khaj Claws
Your claws really do 15 points damage.

Night Eye (at will)
Night Eye is toggleable.

7. Nord

Nordic Blood
You are 50% resistant to frost.

Battlecry (at will)
Demoralize nearby opponents for 60 seconds and lose all stamina and mana.

Warcry (once per day)
Fortify health and stamina by 50 and weaponry by 20 points for 90 seconds.

8. Orc

Berserker's Frenzy (at will)
Strength is greatly increased. Increases health by 40 and stamina by 80.
Allowing you to do double damage while taking half damage with self-sacrifice for 45 seconds.

9. Redguard

Ra Gada Blood
You are 75% resistant to poison and trained with extra 50 stamina points.

Adrenaline Rush (at will)
Regenerate stamina 10x faster, but you can't regenerate mana for 60 seconds.

Adrenaline Vigor (at will)
Boost stamina by 100 points for 90 seconds, but you will lose 80 stamina points in return.

10. Wood Elf

Bosmer Blood
You are 50% resistant to both poison and disease.

Druidic Command (at will)
Tame and command animals around you for 90 seconds with 90 spell cost.

Blessings of the Divines

1. Religious Amulet

Health is increased by 25 points.

Mana is increased by 25 points.

Stamina is increased by 25 points.

2. Shrine Blessings

Mana regenerates 50% faster.

Health is increased by 50 points.

Increases speech skill by 20 points.

Mana is increased by 50 points.

Stamina is increased by 50 points.

Restoration skill cures 20% more.

Increases block by 20%.

Prices are 20% better.

3. Agent of Mara

Magic resistance increased to 20%.

Better Werewolf

1. Shapeshift

You are a werewolf, shapeshift at anytime. You also immune to poison while in beast form.
You can still regenerate health, but slower because of your bloodlust.

2. Ring of Hircine

Provides a 50 passive armor and 15% magic resistance while in werewolf form.


1. Races - Racial Stats

You might found your Breton is still having their racial mana after uninstalling this mod and reinstalling will increase it again.
Open the console and type: player.modav magicka -50.
May also affects High Elf's Highborn racial mana and Redguard's Desert Training racial stamina.

2. Werewolf - Permanent Poison Resistance

After you install this mod and not transformed yet to werewolf, you're still not resistant to poison.
After that, you're permanently resistant to poison and might still resistant after you unistall this mod.
Fixed in Better Werewolf V1.1 by deleting poison resistance (human form).

3. Standing Stones - The Shadow Stone

Last V1.3, known that The Shadow Stone casts no invisibility and have a gigantic spell cost.
Fixed in Greater Doomstones V1.4.