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Added: 06/01/2012 - 03:44AM
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Last updated at 3:53, 6 Jan 2012 Uploaded at 3:44, 6 Jan 2012

This adds 4 Argonian followers

1. Deeja, female from Solitude (at the docks). Mage.
2. Neetrenaza, male from Windhelm docks. Archer.
3. Teeba-Ei , male from Rockwallow Mine. Dual wielding Blade Berserker.
4. Jaree-Ra, male from Solitude. 2 handed weapons warrior.

Deeja and Jaree-Ra have a quest in Solitude, This mod WILL break the quest. If you completed the quest already you will need to do 2 console commands. If you plan to do the quest, do it before installing this mod and enter the same console commands. If you could care less about the quest then install the mod and dont do the quest, you wont need the commands then.

Commands for Deeja and Jaree-Ra
1. player.placeatme 13268 1
2. player.placeatme 1328D 1

1. Place the Follower 4 Argonian.esp file inside the data folder. the NPCHEALTH.txt and NPCSKILLS.txt files inside the main Skyrim folder. Enable the Follower 4 pack.esp in the launcher.
2. Fast travel anywhere in the game and they should appear when you arrive if you have not met them before, If they do not appear then fast travel to the place they live at and find them.
3. Once you have found them select them in console and type without quotes "resurrect" to reset the NPC's AI and inventory.
4. After they resurrected enter the console again and select them and type without quotes "bat npchealth" so they will sneak when you do and allows for gear you give them to be used.
5. To swap gear with them to add improved armor or better weapons select them in console and type without quotes "openactorcontainer 1" and then exit the console. Trade like you would a normal follower. You must do this after step 4 to get them to wear anything including the items I have added to them, They do not have any default clothes.

*They do not have follower commands. Sorry but I cannot add those to extra followers.
*They will always follow you unless you remove the esp.
*To get them to wait someplace you will need to use the console. select them and type without quotes "tai". To get them to follow again repeat that.
*Individual .ESP for each are available in the downloads If you dont want all 4 of them.
* You may need to run the console command "setgs iNumberActorsAllowedToFollowPlayer 20" to get more followers as well as any quest related followers Might not function correctly. default is 5.

NPCSKILLS.txt is an optional bat file so you can adjust individual skills for the selected NPC. Just change the values from 0 to 100. 0 is no skill and 100 is overpowered. You can use this on any NPC including an enemy.

NPCHEALTH.txt can be modified. Do not change the first two lines as they are needed so they function correct. health, magicka, and stamina can be raised or lowered depending on how quickly you want them to drop to one knee from wounds. the three rates is how fast they will regain those. sifh 1 is ignore friendly fire, needs to be left alone. speedmult is how fast they run. lower=slower, higher=faster around 150 helps keep them from getting too far behind while traveling but not unreal speeds in a battle.

Delete or uncheck Follower 4 Argonian.esp


Thank you foretrenty for the NPC editor.