The Palace by Reconxnightzx and Corrode
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Firstly I need help from someone who can script and help in making quests. Contact me via twitter @DJCorrode. 
There have been some installation errors recently with the mod, simply drop it into your data folder a few times (3) and it will successfully work. 
The side quest given by captain tyrogue has stopped working sorry for the inconvenience.  
Work has continued.


To start the mod you must go to alchemists shack. There is a door and on the shelf inside the shack is a book about the history of the Palace.
The mod The Palace is set in a realm paralleled to Tamriel. An adventurer is required to Enter the realm and vanquish the evil that awaits in the Palace. This quest takes you over many world spaces returnable to at anytime and always provides a quick means to travel back to Tamriel if you choose to. At the moment only 1 quest (side) exists due to malfunctioning scripts. The other quests will be up and running by version 3.


Mod installation- This is easy as I've not yet made any custom textures, just drag and drop the esp file into your data folder.
Mod uninstall- just drag and drop the esp file into your recycle bin.

Q;How/Where do i start the mod?
A;Simply go to Alchemists Shack in Tamriel and there is a huge Dwemer door there.
Q:Is there any quests? Where can i find quests?
A:There one side quest has actually broken and dosent seem to work right now. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Q;Re-textures or new meshes?
A;Eventually but i have school work and this isn't my main priority right now. I could do with some help...
Q;How big will the main quest be?
A; The main quest will be about the length of the Vanilla Skyrim main story. So quite long.
Q;How many hours of gameplay will there be?
A;Hopefully around 10 hours of gameplay in the questlines alone. There will be LOTS to do. misc quests, side quests a long main quest, secrets and more.

Change Log__________________________________________
Small bugs have been fixed
New Weapons
New Locations
New Environment
New Enemies
Removed Invincible Rebel and Randomly Spawning Dragon
Navmeshed More Areas