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Requiem - Unofficial Patches Restored
Version 2.31
Compatible with Requiem 1.9.2
Unofficial Skyrim Patch & Unofficial Dawnguard Patch 2.1.3b

Thanks to Vallen128 for the great artwork!

Requiem, as an overhaul, overwrites a lot of fixes from the unofficial fixpacks reintroducing certain old bugs. These range from critical such as quest or game mechanisms to cosmetic stuff such as grammar issues. There are also USKP edits which must be cancelled because they conflict with Requiem own mechanisms. For example, the USKP provides a smelting recipe for Dwarven scrap metal which must be deleted to prevent using it without fire salts in Requiem.

This patch fixes those problems. While several fixes are my own (see list below), the vast majority comes from the USKP (Unofficial SKyrim Patch) and some from the UDGP (Unofficial DawnGuard Patch). These mods are required to be present.

If you would rather skip my custom fixes, then I highly recommend the USKP+UDGP patch by Thetrader (originally by Tyrthyllanos). While using both patches is a bad idea, you shouldn't be playing Requiem without either.


Simply extract the .esp and .bsa files to your Data folder and make sure that it has the lowest possible priority by setting it right after Requiem according to the following load order:

Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp
Unofficial Dawnguard Patch.esp
Requiem - Unofficial Patches Restored.esp

Don't forget to run the SkyProc Reqtifier to make sure that stats are updated for the latest Requiem version!

Original Fixes

There are also several fixes of my own which will always be documented here. Keep in mind that first two digits on the reference IDs are based on the dependencies of this patch as noted in the load order above; for example 02 stands for USKP, 05 for Requiem and 06 for this patch.

  1. 000D3DE8, 0010CEE8, 0010DD3A, 0010D2B5, 0010D6A6, 0010D6A7, 0010CEE6 - To prevent cheating the maximum number of 5 wearable enchanted items, hoods can't be worn with circlets. That doesn't affect hooded robes which can be worn with circlets.
  2. 0003AD76 - Prevent werewolves from getting Sanguinare Vampiris by eating vampire dust.
  3. 06000802 - Add leather tanning for deer pelts.
  4. 0200FB26, 000426C8 - Shivs are made by silver since this is the only metal available inside Cidhna mine.
  5. 00068C57 - In Requiem the Nord hero bow has the same stats with the Draugr supple bow. However, this is a Skyforge hero weapon, it has to have better stats and be unbreakable.
  6. 000A6D7D, 000A6D7F - Add keyword to identify the material of these fur items as hide as well.
  7. 054A0806, 06000802 - Fixed recipes for salvaging leather from light imperial armors.
  8. 0600080B, 0600080C, 0600080D, 0600080E, 0600080F, 06000810, 06000811, 06000809, 0600080A - Add recipes for fur armor pieces. Since these items do not contain metal parts and are worn by bandits with no access to smithing forges, their crafting has been moved to the tanning rack. This will facilitate survivalism mods as well.
  9. 02049B66, 02010090-02010097, 0200FB21, 0200FB14, 0200FB15 - Several USKP/UDGP recipes have been deleted according to Requiem's changes or recipe additions. For example, the recipe for Dwarven Scrap Metal has been deleted since Requiem provides its own custom recipe.
  10. 06000806, 00106B83, 00106B84 - Lokir no longer dies of heart attack due to the imperial archers not drawing their bows in time.
  11. 00043323, 00043324, 0010F7ED, 00012FD0 - "Magelight" and "Firebolt" are spoken as such in the game, thus they have to retain their vanilla names. That means, Candlelight no longer needs a rank, while Incinerate should no longer be called Firebolt.
  12. 000527F1 - Fix the flying Elenwen at the Helgen intro. Submitted to Unofficial Patch Team, but will be probably rejected since the bug probably affects ugrids=7 settings only.
  13. 0001C4E6, 000E0D53, 000D7939 - Add keywords to mark the Rueful Axe as daedric artifact. Increased the level requirement (to 35) for starting its quest since Barbas would only require the help of a seasoned adventurer and also because strategic players can finish the quest very easily by letting invincible Barbas do all the dirty work.
  14. 05665466, 05665465, 05045184, 05077A64 - Giant slaughterfish have their supersonic speed reduced to fix the issue which may cause them to hover above water.
  15. 000E3A6D, 0001B1D9 - The Sneak Journeman class should not be based on heavy armor levels since many sneak perks are nullified by heavy armor in Requiem. Khayla, a typical example of this class, is now wearing leather armor instead of steel.
  16. 000C97D1, 000CAE13 - The giant who is attacking the Companions in the first visit to Whiterun is too weak in Requiem and falls almost immediately preventing the option of helping the Companions that results in an admiring comment from Aela. The fix makes him more resilient and less damaging to allow the player character to participate in the fight BUT it's still Requiem difficulty, it's very risky to get close to the giant and will serve very well as an introduction to Requiem's unforgiving knockout rules.
  17. 00032B94 - Removed the fireball & unrelenting force shouts from the tutorial dragon. The fireball causes players to rely on meta-gaming knowledge to avoid it, and it wasn't an intentional Requiem addition. Unrelenting force has been removed to prevent throwing the player character to a different cell which causes a buggy Requiem initialization. The Dragon's name has also been fixed to prevent the player from knowing something he's not supposed to know. All these changes affect the tutorial dragon only.
  18. 0001E62A - Added the protected flag to Stump to prevent him from dying from falling due to NPC following glitches combined with Requiem's falling damage changes.
  19. 0010AA4B, 0010AA4C, 0010AFA8, 0500A4B9, 0501C7FB, 0501C7FC, 0501C7FD, 06000815 - Training in Requiem is very expensive at early levels which makes it useless and very cheap at later levels which makes it a cheat, especially considering Requiem's higher XP requirements for advancing higher levels. This fix sets low level training costs (up to level 35) to much lower, and raises the training costs for levels above 65 quite a lot. More information at the Requiem suggestions topic.
  20. 06000816, 06000817, 06000818, 06000819, 0600081A, 63CB7A6 - Added recipes for salvaging steel ingots from imperial items and fixed the recipe for salvaging steel from Stormcloak officer's armor.
  21. 053F0442, 0541A5BB - Hide the Darkvision drain effect from the UI while moving its upkeep description to the main Darkvision spell. This also restores the real Darkvision description at the magic effects panel as well.
  22. 0600081B, 0600081C, 0600081D, 0600081E, 0600081F, 06000820, 06000821, 06000828 to 0600082F - Added smelting recipes for war axes, iron and steel shields, studded armor, vampire boots and gauntlets, full Stormcloak helmets, forks, knives, laterns, saws, hammers, tongs, pickaxes and woodcutter's axes
  23. 000F1E59 - Game setting fMagicCasterSkillCostMult set to 1 to balance mages with inexhaustible magicka supplies.
  24. 00013389, 0001338A, 00013393, 000133A7, 000133AC, 000133BD, 00054882, 000CEE9E, 00043BD7, 00043BD8, 00044302, 0010FABD, 00044314, 0010F79C, 00054880 - Fixes the Forsworn escape with Madanach ending to make the Forsworn actually escape instead of getting killed in seconds by the updated Requiem guards.
  25. 00013740, 00013741, 00013742, 00013743, 00013744, 00013745, 00013746, 00013747, 00013748, 00013749 - Streamlined weights for Argonian and Khajiit females, added the "Use Advanced Avoidance" flag to Bretons and Dunmer.
  26. 00029B91 - Changed the name of the Staff of Calm to Staff of Mass Charm according to the USKP fix and Requiem spell title.
  27. 000A5DF0, 000F5D1F, 000F5D20, 000F5D21, 000F5D22, 000A5DF0 - Gauldur Blackbow delevelling fixed.
  28. 000F1AC1, 000F71CD, 000F71CE, 000F71CF, 000F71D0 - Dragonbane delevelling fixed.
  29. 0007A917, 000F6524, 000F6525, 000F6526, 000F6527, 000DEED7 - Nightingale Blade delevelling fixed; NPC version corrected.
  30. 0007E5C3, 000F6529, 000F652A, 000F652B, 000F652C - Nightngale Bow delevelling fixed.
  31. 000F8313, 000F8314, 000F8315, 000F8316, 000F8317 - Chillrend delevelling fixed.
  32. 2028BB5 - USKP fix for the Gift of Charity now follows Requiem's nomenclature.
  33. 0002BF9D, 0002BF9F - Removed Ralof and Hadvar from the generic MQ101 dialogue faction so that their specific lines in the Helgen Keep will not be blocked.
  34. 000B5D42 - Balbus set as coward to prevent him from foolish displays of bravery.
  35. 0400D912 - DLC1VQMinLevel set to 50 to prevent Dawnguard from starting too early.
  36. 000AEBFD - Set the werewolf rampage to start outside of Whiterun, in the Underforge exit.
  37. 000411BA, 000D42C9, 000B320C, 00000013, 000D42C8 - Provide Valdr with some fire arrows to give him a chance to actually help in his quest. Removed a condition which prevents Valdr from completing the Moss Mother quest if he isn't in the cavern. That's probably due to the fact that I've finished the quest while I was a werewolf inside the cave and there is a relevant fix in the UDGP which may interfere with that. Valdr should no longer be hostile to every creature (which would have him attack domestic animals in Falkreath).
  38. 77F8C37, 77F8C38 - Imperial daggers and shortswords use the imperial keyword instead of steel.
  39. 000D3649, 000E1727, 000E3F3D, 000E519C, 000F9957, 00100EF7, 00100EF8, 00100EFA, 00100EFB, 01000820, 01000821, 01000822, 01000823, 01000825, 01000826, 01000832, 01000833, 01000838, 00000ECA - Several killmove issues fixed; USKP changes have been merged, relevant Requiem perks or items have been added to the conditions, checks that run on the wrong subject have been fixed and checks that always fail have been replaced with checks based on the Decapitation Chance/Killmove Random globals. The globals themselves have been halved to conform to Requiem's intentions as I can perceive it from its edits. In plain words: you'll see killmoves you wouldn't see otherwise, but they will not be more frequent.
  40. 000F6F37, 000F6F38 - Imperial & Stormcloak guards are perked according to the new 1.8 guards.
  41. 000131FD, 00068CFA, 00109AB1, 00109E3E, 00109E40, 00109E41, 00068D73 - Several horse-related issues fixed; removed body flags from horses to prevent them from equipping items which can lead to CTDs when retrieving large numbers of items from a horse at once. Removed the respawn flag from purchasable horses to prevent their inventories from resetting which would lead to players losing their cargo; this also prevents dead player's horses from getting resurrected on cell reset. Corrected the Stables quest to prevent purchasable stable horses from being replaced by non-Requiem versions upon their death.
  42. 05210246, 06000824, 0006881D - Fixed Thunder's agression range to prevent him from wiping out the Dark Water Crossing (or Mistwatch). He will no longer attack enemies that are miles away from him as his main job is to protect the Stone of the Atronach. Also cured his hydrophobia; anyone who would try to cheat the AI by standing at the nearby pools of water to beat him with simple ranged attacks is in for a nasty surprise now.
  43. 0006DC99, 000A919D, 00109C7C - Mass for rabbits, chicken and foxes has been corrected; no more tripping while bullrushing on them. Also, the attack damage of chicken is fixed.
  44. 0001FC62, 0004587C, 000B91A6 - Imperial guards, the Riften Jailor and the Noble's bodyguard should now receive their tempering script data.
  45. 0001FC63 - Fixed name for Stormcloak guards who also receive their tempering script data.
  46. 000AD479 - Ably Sneaking from Boots of Muffle can now be learned at an enchanter.
  47. 00043D21, 00043D22, 0009E47F, 0008713C - The guard at the Loreius Farm, the guard at the Salvius farm and the Stormcloak guards in the Dwemer laboratory are based on the new Requiem guard templates.
  48. 000131EE - Since wolves receive 120 starting health, the starting health of dogs has been increased from 10 to 150.
  49. 00051B16, 0005AD5C, 0005AD5D, 0005AD5E, 00072315, 00072316, 00072317, 00072318 - Streamlined the Mage Armor spells & perks so that they work on the NPCs as they work on the PC. Mod authors should keep in mind that stacking Alteration Mastery perks (from novice to master) is still an issue in Requiem and leads to extremely high damage resistance scores.
  50. 0003AE9E, 0003AEA0, 0003AEA1 - Elemental cloaks should now display damage based on magnitude instead of a fixed number.
  51. 0005CBFE - Imperial keywords for Commander (former Gen. Tullius) armor
  52. 0400CFB5, 0400CFB6 - Fixed the speed of the Zephyr and streamlined the PC and NPC versions.
  53. 000EE5C0, 00047CBE, 00036585, 06000803, 06000804, 06000805, 0587E856, 0587E857, 0587E858, 0587E892, 0587E893, 0587E894 - Add all standard Requiem recipes for leather hoods and identify them as valid light armor helmets.
  54. 0005ABC3 - Corrected stats for the short-sleeved shrouded armor.
  55. 000E5F46, 000E5F49, 000E5F4A, 0010B1D9, 0010BF7D, 0010EC8D, 0005CEBE, 0005CEC0, 000D2059, 000E5F57, 001069BB, 00107E29, 00109C1B, 0301A16F, 0301A170, 0301A171, 0301A172 - For better performance, checks & effects from neutralized perks have been removed.
  56. 05000826, 05000826, 000A27CC, 000A4A3B, 000B799D, 000BD05C, 00101996, 00101997 - Guards related to the West Watchtower dragon are updated to the new guard templates; this fix is not 100% complete without assigning them a fire resistance effect, but their improved perks and AI outweights this disadvantage.
  57. /sound/voice/skyrim.esm fuz files - Fixed Arcane Resonance/Throw Voice not producing vocals for most humanoids. Submitted to the Unofficial Patch Team.