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This collection includes patches and proposals for some issues in Requiem. These are of beta quality; I've been using the Unofficial Patches Restored and the Shrines Fix without problems for several weeks in my Requiem setting, but I still can't guarantee they won't break yours. Still, I'd be very interested to know about your experiences with them.

The links will lead you to their appropriate forum sections which also contain long descriptions and installation instructions.

Main files

Requiem - Unofficial Patches Restored
Backports USKP, UDGP, SMPC and some custom fixes to Requiem. May be updated in a daily basis to include new fixes. I feel that it's quite safe and beneficial to use since I've been using it on my own Requiem setting for months, but unless I get some confirmations that it works well for others too, it will remain in beta. The link above will lead you to the article which contains a description of all the custom fixes I have applied.

Fixed Reqtificator starter for Windows XP
If you can't locate your plugins.txt, this is the solution. I've been using this one in my standard Requiem setting as well.


Requiem - MS02 Forsworn Sally Concept Fix
In Requiem, the Forsworn exodus is actually a Forsworn massacre. It's not supposed to happen this way. This file fixes the issue but it's only a proposed fix and not part of my game.

Requiem - Shrines Fix
You should not be denied the Divine's blessings if you are framed with murder. This file fixes this. Since it worked so well for me, it's now part of the main Requiem - Unofficial Patches Restored fixpack but it will remain separate for users who only wish to use this particular fix.