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Improved People

I am truly sorry if followers from the DLCs has not been altered, I forgot to add the folders for the DLCs... however, it is now fixed.

There is something about the vanilla versions of Skyrim's NPCs that is unique, however based on our own point of view something could have been different.
This type of mod is something that exists all around the expanded modding community for Skyrim.
But what I feel is a charm about this, is the lack of complete alteration from scratch, how this is edited based upon something that already is there.
Some like to stay true to the lore and avoid extreme makeovers and total texture replacements for our characters, but a littlebit of simple enchancing never hurts.
And such is exactly what this mod presents.

I uploaded a mod like this earlier, but I got myself a new computer and the progress on it just flew away.
Then I figured I wanted to restart the mod and created this.
This is a mod that focuses primarily on enhancing or altering followers.
The word ''enhancing'' seems a bit out of place here, because this mod does not apply any unique textures or add new things.
Simply, the characters that has been altered have been so through the character creation available in the Cretion Kit for Skyrim.
This is not a mod that demands much work, what it demands is a clear thought on how the characters should look but also within reason.

Keep in mind that these are alternative looks for your followers, if you like the new looks and want to give it a try... then wonderful!
But there is no way that I can edit the characters and throw out different alternative looks because some don't like them.
This is what I found to be reasonable, from my perspective and I hope some of you like it.
I do however take in suggestions on characters to be edited.

The mod does primarily focus on altering followers, but certain NPCs that got more meaning in the game are also included. I am also open for suggestion on what NPCs to edit.

Characters improved:

* Argis The Bulwark.
* Calder.
* Iona.
* Jordis The Sword-Maiden.
* Lydia.
* Rayya.
* Gregor.
* Valdimar.

Characters with meaning:
* Hadvar.
* Mjoll The Lioness.
* Ralof.
* Serana.
* Aela The Huntress.
* Farkas.
* Vilkas.
* Skjor.
* Jarl Balgruuf.
* General Tullius.
* Ulfric Stormcloak.

* Camilla Valerius.
* Sven.
* Faendal.
* Athis.
* Njada Stonearm.
* Ria.
* Torvar.
* Jenassa.
* Ysolda.
* Golldir.
* Illia.
* Cosnach.
* Roggi Knot - Beard.
* Stenvar.
* Aeri.
* Adelaisa Vendicci.
* Aranea Ienith.
* Benor.

You do need all the official DLCs for Skyrim in order for this mod to work. Though only a few from DLCs actually has been edited, more will likely come.

Any mods that directly alters the NPCs included in this mod will not work with this, in other words, a mod that does the same thing as this one is not compatible with each other.
New skin textures, meshes etc. should be compatible, however the results seen in these images may not be the same then.

Recommended way to install this mod is by using the Nexus Mod Manager.
You can also install this manually, for the unexperienced with the Nexus pages;
Download the mod manually, extract the files to your data folder at your Skyrim directory.
This mod is updated from time to time, to update the current version you are using; download the latest file and override the existing / previous files with the new ones. If you get a ''replace'' option, click yes.

(From time to time this mod will be changed / expanded, I like to dance around with it; but throw out suggestions !).

Serana got her standard hairstyle back and there has been made some small changes to Lydia. Pictures are updated as well.
Camilla Valerius has been added.
Sven, Faendal, Athis, Njada Stonearm, Ria, Torvar, Aela The Huntress, Farkas, Vilkas and Skjor has been added.
Farkas and Aela The Huntress has been altered.
Jarl Balgruuf, General Tullius, Ulfric Stormcloak, Jenassa, Ysolda and Golldir has been included.
Rayya has been included. Aela, Torvar, Njada, Lydia and Serana has been altered.
Meeko has been included. Argis The Bulwark, Calder, Gregor, Iona, Jordis The Sword - Maiden and Valdimar has been altered.
Due to some problems with Meeko's different scripts after changing him into a husky, I have now changed him back.
Mjoll has been altered.
Illia, Cosnach, Roggi Knot - Beard, Stenvar, Aeri, Adelaisa Vendicci, Aranea Ienith and Benor has been included.

From me:
If you do experience any problems with the mod, leave a comment. Ask for permission.

Keep in mind that everytime I update this mod, the previous files will be deleted and replaced by the newest version, so there is no going back to find an earlier version.
Also this mod does not change the outfit of the NPCs.

The pictures posted from me does contain some mods. The mods barely have any effect on mine, they are not required but recommended. The results from my mod will be like viewed on the screenshots I posted, just without all the effects and enhanced textures.
Some mods are recommended, even such mods that does not have any effect on mine.
I will list them below:

* Seasons of Skyrim ENB True HDR:
* Beards at Skyrim (higher resolution beards):
* Calientes Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE-:
* Calientes Vanilla Outfits for CBBE:
* Immersive Armors:
* Cloaks of Skyrim:
* Mature Skin Texture And Body For UNP, CBBE, ADEC:
* Designs of The Nords: