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Extra Guards

This mod adds 491 or 208 guards to the game.
Adds 226 guards with ETaC compatible version.
Guards respawn.
Now ALL MALE and ALL FEMALE versions added.

Guards are added to All 9 cities, towns, mills, farms, and some mines.

NOTE: *Recommended to install after Civil War. You might attack these guards by accident when attacking Windhelm or Solitude.
* Thanks to terickson227  for pointing this out and providing a link to my mod on his mod page. *


They stay at their posts and return after fighting. I use a simple travel AI package for this. The more AI packages that are added will put more strain on the game. I kept them from sandboxing and the preferred paths, so they won't bump into all the NPCs added by mods. 

They will keep their original guard armor after Civil War. Guard armor replacers should work if they use the original armor as base. I may upload a mod that keeps all guards armors original after CW, if I have time.

I have added 70 new faces for these new guards, that will be randomly selected. Might add more, if time permits.
45 male and 25 female (greater chance of male guard).

Health offset increased. (+ 250).
Base stamina increased. (+ 150).
Magicka is decreased to zero. (- 50).

Thanks to Shawn Driscoll for the video

Adding guards using game console

You can add guards anywhere you want. Stand in front of where you want them to be and in the game console type player.placeatme ######## 1 1.  The extra 1 is intentional, by the way. The first 2 numbers (XX) is the load order number of my mod. Don't forget to save after adding your guards.

Example:  Adding a Whiterun Guard in my game. Extra Guards load order number in my game is 4C, so I would type -
player.placeatme 4C0012DB 1 1

 Guard ID List

XX0012DB Whiterun Guard
XX001E3D Dawnstar Guard
XX001E3E Winterhold Guard
XX0023C8 Whiterun Guard (Indoors)
XX002962 Morthal Guard
XX002ED6 Riften Guard
XX0039D5 Haafingar Guard
XX0044BE Ivarstead Guard 
XX0044CC ShorsStone Guard
XX004A56 Markarth City Guard
XX004A66 Reach Hold Guard 
XX004FFF Hjaalmarch Guard
XX005016 Falkreath Guard
XX005017 Solitude Guard
XX00503B Windhelm Guard
XX005050 Eastmarch Guard
XX005118 Windhelm Guard (Indoors)
XX005685 Riften Guard (Indoors)

          Optional (NOT REQUIRED): Use HOLD GUARDS KEEP ARMOR by terickson227, if you want all guards to keep original armor like mine.

          Optional (NOT REQUIRED): Use TOWN GUARD ARMOR RETEXTURE by Gulch, if you want the guard armors shown in the images. Great mod.

          Optional (NOT REQUIRED): Use CLOAKS OF SKYRIM by Noodles, if you want to have cloaks show up on this mod. If not, no cloaks. Great mod.     

          Optional (NOT REQUIRED): Use OPEN FACE GUARD HELMETS by axonis, if you want helmets shown in images.


Use LOOT - You can keep this pretty low. It only adds new NPCs to the game.


1) Use NMM. 

*** DO NOT UPDATE - Uninstall old file - make a clean save - install new file - load clean save ***

CLEAN SAVE = save game after uninstalling old file and then exit game (in other words a save without Extra Guards installed)

2) Add/remove files and ESP manually if need be.

For version 1.1
-new ones used for 1.1
-Uninstall 1.0 - make a clean save - install 1.1 - load clean save


- compatible with all my mods


(1) Extra Guards Vanilla Stats Patch 1.2 - Changes stats to vanilla values (lower health)

(2) Extra Guards Aggressive Patch 1.2 - Makes my guards enemies to the following factions:

BanditFaction   BearFaction   DragonFaction   DragonPriestFaction   DraugFaction   DremoraFaction   HagravenFaction
NecromancerFaction   SkeeverFaction   SkeletonFaction   SpiderFaction   SprigganFaction   TrollFaction   VampireFaction
WarlockFaction   WerewolfFaction   WolfFaction

(3) Extra Guards Aggressive and Vanilla Stats Patch 1.2 - Changes stats to vanilla values (lower health) and makes my guards enemies to the factions stated on Aggressive Patch

(4) Extra Guards Aggressive DG 1.2 - Does what Aggressive patch does plus adds DLC1ThrallFaction and DLC1VampireFaction as enemies to my guards.
*Dawnguard DLC required*

(5) Extra Guards Aggressive and Vanilla Stats Patch DG 1.2 -
Does what both patches do plus adds DLC1ThrallFaction and DLC1VampireFaction as enemies to my guards.
*Dawnguard DLC required* 

USE ONLY ONE PATCH FILE - you cannot combine


*HELSMYRR VILLAGE by Maverick and one of my 9 main files are required*

  Extra Guards Helsmyrr Village Additions 1.2 ---------> Adds 11 guards to Helsmyrr Village
Extra Guards Helsmyrr Village Additions Lite 1.2 ---> Adds 6 guards to Helsmyrr Village



Extra Guards:

                                                              Version 1.2 - adds 20 missing faces
                                                              Version 1.1 - now 70 guard faces - switched guard armor at Anga's Mill, Loreius Farm, and Nightgate Inn
                                                              Version 1.0 - adds 491 guards - 50 guard faces

Extra Guards Lite:

                                                             Version 1.2 - adds 20 missing faces
                                                             Version 1.1 - adds 208 guards - 70 guard faces

Extra Guards Lite ETaC:

                                                            Version 1.2 - adds 20 missing faces
                                                            Version 1.1 - adds 226 guards - 70 guard faces


1) HOP - Horses On Patrol - Dawnguard

- Adds mounted Dawnguard patrols with dogs following, plus a stable.
- 2 VERSIONS - Lite version added

Thanks to Nozi87 for the video

2) HOPv - Horses On Patrol - Vanilla

- Adds large mounted imperial patrols.
- Adds small mounted guard patrols.
- Adds a tent and 2 to 3 NPCs at each Imperial camp that will blend in during Civil War.
- Will eventually add Stormcloaks, Stendaar, etc.
- 3 VERSIONS - Lite and Extra Lite versions added

Thanks to Shawn Driscoll for the video

3) Stormcloak Battle Armor Replacer