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Bastila, awoke in a cave near solitude with no memory of her life and how she got there.
She can be found in the winking skeever solitude,where she works part time for room and board
Standalone follower,breton race,onehanded weapons master,cbbe
Some of her Perks/spells,oakflesh,healing,lightning bolt,armsman,fighting stance,savage strike
critacal charge,dual savagery,dual flurry,bladesman,stealth,light foot,silent roll,ranger,quick shot
If you like this character feel free to upload images and give suggestions on how to improve it
tested in game for a good amount of time she likes a good onehanded sword or axe,blocks well,Dual wields
Any onehanded weapon is good
she uses oak flesh and healing alot,
dont plan on adding any more spells like the way she is set up for Melee combat
Picked a fight with her and she decapitated me that was pretty cool
This is an early version of her hope to make her more complex and give her a quest
Her Lvl cap is 73
Thanks to
Dont talk to strangers , Dio
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