The Vaults Of Skyrim by Jorror1
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I wanted someone to make a mod like the mod Vaults of cyrodiil in oblivion for skyrim

I could never find one like it so i decided to make my own one If you can give me ideas for what i could add into the vault's please let me know. The key for the vault's are hidden somewhere in the Jarl's quarters (There Is A spoiler readme in with the file for each keep).
To Find The Key Make Sure To Look High,Low And Under other Objects.The Jarl Will Have a Spare Key On Them So You Can Pickpocket Them For It.

Version 1.8: Winterhold And Morthal Vaults Completed
Version 1.4: Started Windhelm Vault
Version 1.3: Finished Riften Vault,Added Secret Entrance's Too All the Vaults,Added map Marker To Secret Entrance's.
Version 1.2: Started Riften Vault
Version 1.1: Finished Markarth Vault
Version 1.0: Finished Whiterun Vault

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The Gemstone Collector:

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Blackjack - A Thief Weapon: