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This is a page dedicated to my Creation Kit Tutorials and my mod resources. For over three years I have created tutorial videos to help people who wish to learn how to use the Skyrim Creation Kit. During this time, I have managed to create over a hundred videos on my YouTube channel to try and spread my knowledge to others and cover as many topics as possible.

Here you will be able to find videos for the Creation Kit, ranging from the basics all the way up to some papyrus scripting. If you are new to this stuff, I strongly recommend you check out my videos and my website. You can also check out a number of other sources across YouTube, including Bethesda's starter tutorials.

You can also download a number of example scripts here on this page and find links to my own mods. The community is all about sharing and creating the best content for the game, however credit should be given where credit is due.

Be sure to check out all the links below and let me know in the comments your thoughts and suggestions. Thanks for viewing and happy modding!

This is a list of my tutorial video playlists where you can find all the videos you need through my YouTube channel. I will also provide scripts and other resources related to these in the file section.

The Basics
Scripting Series
MCM Series

If you would like to get in touch with me about any specific topic, please be sure to use my website's contact form. This is the best way to get a message to me, as I check my email multiple times a day and you're more likely to get a response that way. Please be aware that I can't always help and a response still may take some time if I am able to reply at all. Sometimes multiple contact forms get merged together and I miss emails, which will result in me missing your message.

Friend requests to my Steam account will usually go ignored without any prior form of communication, as I get far too many people doing nothing but bug me about the Creation Kit. As much as I like to help out, it's not pleasant having constant messages while I'm trying to mod or even play my games.

Sending messages via other means cannot guarantee any reply from me.

Watching and learning from my tutorials does not require any sort of credit at all, but it's nice when people appreciate the work I put into my videos. I enjoy teaching people what I know and sharing my knowledge.

Using any of my resources supplied either in the files section of this mod page or any of my other pages does require some form of credit to be given. You cannot use my resources in a mod which you are making money from.