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Added: 10/05/2014 - 09:16PM
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version 2.01 is out.! this is my final version of guide. i will no longer update it for now.


What is this about?
This is a big big big guide how to pimp and optimize your windows + how to pimp and optimize your skyrim for bestest performance and look ever!
Using NEXUS mod manager. I know most of people think that using nexus is bad (in comparison to mod organizer), but i can prove you wrong!) :) 

It's meant for low end and medium end PC-s, also high-end options included. Baseline config is my laptop: 2.0 GHz dualcore, 4GB ddr2 800MHz ram, 500GB 5400/min hdd, and 4650 radeon mobility with 1GB VRAM!


  1. How to use this guide?
  2. what's coming up next?

1. How to use this guide? 

Simple and easy - a) if you are a newcomer and want to pimp your skyrim, and you never did any modding before, start with windows guide. If you want to have maximum performance, be ready to back up all your data, and format your hard drive and do a clean windows install.
                           b) If you are not a newcomer, and want to pimp your skyrim, then try the windows guide - you might find tweaks that improve overall performance of your pc and windows, and get rid of some harmful tweaks. after that go to skyrim guide and pimp your skyrim, clean install prefered)
                           c) if you are not a newcomer but you have your windows and skyrim pimp'd, then check out skyrim guide for some awesome mods that you might add to your modded skyrim. also for better ini's and other performance tweaks and twists.

2. what's coming up next?

New guide. version 3.0 will be more detailed, longer, tougher, and more. with all mods updated and more. version 3.0 will include ultra high mods and modding, will be tested on a new rig and will be again split into 5 parts (ultra low, low, medium, high, ultra high).