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☆★☆ Toric law of nature ENB ☆★☆

This is natural style ENB.
It is the ENB, which is setting in for Pure Weather Legendary.
It will be necessary to install the Pure Weather.
Pure Weather or Pure Weather-Legendary, Either is ok.
In addition, I strongly recommend installation of Pure Water.
Because,set to Water and UnderWater of enbseries.ini for Pure Water.

! Important !
This ENB is for Pure Weather-Realism or Pure Weather Legendary-Realism
Therefore,Under the situation of Pure Weather-Brighter Nights Edition, it will be that an image changes.

New version,Toric law of nature ENB-R. This version is Darker night and dark interior. The night darkness resembles Pure Weather-Realism.
So recommend mod Immersive NPC in the dark.

Pure Weather-Realism Legendary or Pure Weather-Realism
-About Toric law of nature ENB-B. Even if it is Pure Weather Legendary-Brighter Night Edition, it will be all right.But I am unconfirmed,sorry...

Pure Water
Recommend for Toric law of nature ENB-R
Immersive NPC in the dark 
Night Hawk Eye
Choose the favorite thing


1.Set to Game and Graphic card drivers.
a) SkyrimPrefs.ini
  . bTreesReceiveShadows=1
  . bDrawLandShadows=1
  . bFloatPointRenderTarget=1
b) Turn off antialiasing and anisotropic filtering in game options menu or graphic card drivers.

2.Open the Main Files.
a) Copy all files and folders of the Main Files.
b) Paste all files and folders to your Skyrim install folder. (the same place as the skyrim.exe. Steam/SteamApps/common/Skyrim)

3.Download Latest ENBSeries
a) Get to enbseries_skyrim_v0xxx_zip
b) Open the WrapperVersion folder and copy d3d9.dll and enbhost.exe
c) Paste d3d9.dll and enbhost.exe to your Skyrim install folder. (the same place as the skyrim.exe. Steam/SteamApps/common/Skyrim)

4.Dwonload Skyrim ENB Helper
a) Copy enbhelper.dll
b) Paste enbhelper.dll in enbseries folder.

5.ENB Patch
Skyrim particle patch for ENB

Last,If possible...
You open the enblocal file.
ExpandSystemMemoryX64=true ← If your PC's OS is 32bit,Write "false"
VideoMemorySizeMb=0 ← Write VRAM of Your PC. But, In v254, this operation is not necessary!
--an example--
If VRAM 1024MB...
VideoMemorySizeMb=1014 ← [-10] better!

About [ Options files ]
/DoF_OFF -- Turn off Depth Of Field, fps thereby improves.(fps=+1~+5 )
/Enhanced_ANTIALIASING -- Readjustment enblocal.ANTIALIASING is improved than those in the main file,But fps will drop slightly.(fps=0~-4)
/More Enhanced_ANTIALIASING -- Readjustment enblocal.At the expense of fps, I strengthen anti-aliasing more.(fps=0~-8) When DoF is effective, I recommend it.

-These how to use-
a) Complete the installation of the Main files.
b) You choose file and copy.
c) Overwrite the file which installed.

For high quality visual
ini setting ---->       Skyrim True Ultra Settings or EWIs High SkyrimPrefs and inis
LOD          ---->       Skyrim High Definition LODs
Grass Tree --->       Unbelievable Grass HD 2k and 1k + Ultimate Lush Overhaul or Skyrim Flora Overhaul
Texture     --->        Skyrim HD - 2K Textures etc, HD texture mods
Interior lightning --> Realstic Lighting Overhaul, other interior lightning mods / not use weather.esp
Scene of the town -> Towns and Villages Enhanced_series / Example Towns and Villages Enhanced-Reften

Pure Weather by Laast
DoF,enbeffectprepass file by Matso
Sunsprite file by Kyokushinoyama
ENBseries by Boris Vorontsov

Change log
- Toric law of nature ENB -R/Adjusted of each weather.
- Toric law of nature ENB - B / Adjusted of each weather, night and interior lighting.

- It supported latest version ENB.
- Adjusted a few, daylighting and sky.

- Update main file version v1.5
- Adjusted condition of the color balance.

-Update Bonus Option pack
- Revised Sunsprite to match the existing version.
- Added DoF of the newly different type. Specifically, please read the Read Me of the DOF folder.
- Vignette does not have a change.

.Toric law of nature ENB-R -- Adjusted clearday and cloudyday mainly.
.Toric law of nature ENB-B -- Adjusted clearday and cloudyday, Night and interior lighting.

.Adjusted AmbientColorFilter.
.Organized files. Pure Weather or Pure Weather-Legendary, Either is ok.

.Add Optional file " Bonus option pack ".

.Fix only for Toric law of nature ENB-B and ~ENB-B PW_L.

.Release Rv254d and Bv254d, I did adjustment about ADAPTATION.

.Reconsidered lighting all files.
.Add file Toric law of nature ENB-B PW_L and Toric law of nature ENB-R PW_L
-It is for Pure Weather Legendary-Realism.

. Adjusted skin and sun mainly all files.

. Update all file
- Setting for Pure Weather-Realism 1.4

. Add file Toric law of nature ENB-B

. Add file Toric law of nature ENB-R

. In v236 and v254, Coordinated some weather.

. Coordinated some weather.
. Changed enbeffectprepass.
. Add file, Toric law of nature ENB v254 beta