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Welcome to the Official S.T.E.P. (Skyrim Total Enhancement Project) Mod Organizer video series.

Videos are approved by the S.T.E.P. - M.O. support team.
I (RichardPellets/Michael of GamerPoets) am not an official member of the S.T.E.P. team. I am, however, an official contributor.
-Videos will ONLY be uploaded after the content has been 100% approved.
-Video names correspond with their respective section titles on the S.T.E.P. - M.O. wiki.

-Higher Quality videos are available for download in the files section.

-Mod Organizer VIDEO Tutorial links:
1 . Installation
2 . Linking to Nexus
3 . Toolbar
4 . Left Pane - Columns
5 . Left Pane - Context Menu
6 . Left Pane - Mod Information
7 . Mod Grouping & Filters
8 . Right Pane
9 . General Settings & Categories
10.Nexus Settings 
13.Third Party Programs
---13a.Installing BOSS
---13b.Installing LOOT

-For Easier/Quicker Reference:
Favorite the Mod Organizer Playlist.

The purpose for creating a multitude of tutorials:
-So users may search by name/video for topics of interest.
-To not have to watch long tutorials on things you already know.
-To benefit those who do not care to read ( however, reading is good for you).

The official S.T.E.P. Mod Organizer guide can be found here: S.T.E.P.
(Don't forget to click the play button next to the marked topics throughout the guide)

A BIG thanks to Gopher for mentioning both S.T.E.P. and GamerPoets on his channel/videos. 

Thanks to Tannin for creating & still updating Mod Organizer. I would not still be playing Skyrim without it. The more I learn about the program through doing these tutorials the more I realize what a true masterpiece this software is. Also, I wouldn't know how to use it half as well as I do without the help that both Tannin & the S.T.E.P. team have provided me with. People have helped me out. Why not help others in return?

A massive THANK YOU to DoubleYou from the S.T.E.P. team. Without this keeper of "Organization" , the video tutorials would not exist. 95% of the information incorporated into the "new" videos are because of you and your work is more appreciated than some text on a "mod page" can express.

Tech, Ess, Z, WIll, Phazer, everyone else.... thank you.

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