DovahBling Jewelry Replacer -Rings and Necklaces- by testiger2
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Added: 05/05/2014 - 05:23AM
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One thing that always annoyed me about the Vanilla jewellery was that every item basically looked the same even though you could have had a ton on variation. This mod changes exactly that by replacing every mesh for gold and silver jewelry with my custom ones. Every gemstone combination got a more or less unique look so it it now gives you some variety in your visaul appearance.

Key Features:
- Mesh replacer only ---> compatible with every retexture (highly recommended AEterna Rings)
- Full Gender/Race support
- Full weight slider support
- Working inventory/ground object for every item
- Wedding Ring got own model and can be worn additionally on ring finger (uses slot 55)

Thanks to idanby and misalen for showcasing.

1. Choose between either Replacer or Standalone Version
2. Copy the files over to your /Data folder
3. Enable .esp in SkyrimLauncher
4. Install favorite texture replacer (optional)*

If you want the Left Hand Rings version make sure you have either replacer or standalone installed first and you also need to remove the original LHR by duggelz as my will run on its own

*I highly recommend to use a texture replacer as the vanilla files look very ugly.
I mysel use AEterna Rings wich looks pretty good on this. However it will be compatilbe with every texture replacer that alters the Ring and Amulet textures

The Chains are created for the vanilla body that means if you're using another body mod you may find the items not fitting perfectly. they will however work and there will no compatibility issues with any bodymod.

Make sure to leave feedback in the comments section and have fun playing.

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