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"Veterans" are pre-built characters, skilled and equipped in tune with the limitations of their experience. The entire game is unexplored, and adapted to your new level allowing you to try out advanced play-styles and quest-lines without the hours of involved preliminaries.

Sylph the female Conjure-Ranger
or Rails the male Conjure-Ranger

Sylph is a versatile level 30 ranger, highly skilled in Archery and Conjuration. In combat she relies primarily on her bow for dealing damage safely from a distance. Alteration magic provides considerable protection, keeping her agile enough to kite multiple enemies at a time, without draining the Stamina she requires to slow time with her bow and place every arrow on target. Master tier Conjurations provide tank role support in tougher battles and Restoration on the run keeps her in good Health.

Sylph is a Chaotic Neutral lover of the wild and countryside. She describes the attacks by wolves, bears, mudcrabs, horkers, and sabre cats as relatively peaceful when compared to the hectic hustle and bustle of Skyrim's quote-unquote "metropoliseses". When it comes to people, she trusts everybody, once. Cross her, though, and she won't quickly forgive and forget.

Sylph, a Level 30 Redguard has
29 unallocated Perk Points
200 Magicka (+50 Highborn)
170 Health
220 Stamina

Sylph's Skill Set:
Conjuration 100
Alteration, Archery 75
Speech, Sneak 60
One-Handed, Restoration, Enchanting, Destruction, Illusion, Light Armor, Alchemy, Smithing, Heavy Armor, Two-Handed, Block, Lockpicking, Pickpocket 15

1*(100*101/2) + 2*(75*76/2) + 2*(60*61/2) + 13*(15*16/2)
=15,970 Total Experience Spent In Skills

Sylph's Spell Set:
Magelight, Detect Life, Telekinesis, Waterbreathing, Detect Dead, Ebonyflesh, Paralyze
Bound Sword, Bound Bow, Flaming Familiar, Soul Trap, Conjure Dremora Lord, Flame Thrall, Frost Thrall, Storm Thrall
Steadfast Ward, Close Wounds, Heal Other, Repel Lesser Undead

Sylph's Shout Set:
Animal Allegiance (Raan Mir Tah)
Dismay (Faas Ru Maar)
Throw Voice (Zul Mey Gut)

Sylph's Power Set:
Highborn (+50 Magicka & Daily Fast Regen)
Prowler's Profit (Hidden but active. Find many more jewels.)

Sylph's Ranger Gear:
Ring of Major Archery 00100e25
Necklace of Eminent Magicka 0010df54
Circlet of Eminent Alteration 000fc009
Expert Robes of Conjuration 0010d674

2.2 Gave Rails his Perk Points. Less initial equipment provided.
2.1 Updated Version
1.0 Original Version

Whenever a character earns a rank, r, in a skill they gain r experience. So when a character has 0 in all skills they have zero experience, and when they have 100 in all skills, at level 81.5, they have 90,900 experience. A level 30 character should have about 15,865 total experience summed from their skills.

Taken Veterans should look good with any texture or mesh mods you may use, if any. The mods used in the screenshots include:
Face Textures (Female): Coverwomen
Face Textures (Male): Detailed Faces

Look in the discussions area for the batch commands allowing you to make a veteran out of a character you've created yourself!

More Info:
Experience Table
Tips on making your own veterans

Drop a Taken Veteran save game in your Saves folder and load it up. See what you think!