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Added: 03/05/2014 - 04:31PM
Updated: 28/07/2014 - 06:48AM

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Uploaded by slamm98


Last updated at 6:48, 28 Jul 2014 Uploaded at 16:31, 3 May 2014


Low Res Sparks and Shock Effects uploaded, Low Res Snow and Frost Effects uploaded as well, I will now focus on fog, it might take some weeks for me to upload it. Meanwhile, use the console command "SetFog 0,0", without quotes to remove the fog entirely, you'll have to introduce this command everytime you play Skyrim.

Content Included

- Low Res Smoke v3 / Low Res Smoke v3 Xtreme
- Low Res Fire Effects and Spells v1
- Low Res Plants and Flowers v1 (Some plants may be too dark, i will fix that soon)
- Low Res Sparks and Shock Effects v1
- Low Res Snow and Frost Effects v1

Why did you create this?

Right now I have a pretty decent rig because I can play Skyrim on Ultra settings + ENBs and never go below 60fps, however, I used to play with a 256mb Radeon HD 4670, and Skyrim lagged like hell, so I wanted to make people who play on Low-End PC's get better performance.

Will I really get better performance?

With Low Res Smoke installed, the performance increase depends on the whole system, some people may not even see an improvement. The lower your framerate, the higher the performance increase. The higher your framerate, the lower your performance increase.

Some users have reported that the Low Res Fire Effects and Spells, only improves the performance when there is a lot of fire (dragon fights, mage fights...) and not when idling. In other words, it makes the minimum framerate higher.


Not compatible with Realistic Smoke and Embers, if you want to keep the realistic embers, install my mod after Realistic Smoke and Embers.

Not compatible with mods that modify fire effects and spells, such as Ultimate HD Fire Effects.

Upcoming Features

- Low Poly Fog and Mist
- Low Res LODs

Recommended Mods

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by slamm98