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Added: 01/05/2014 - 07:41PM
Updated: 29/07/2014 - 09:14PM

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Last updated at 2:14, 30 Jul 2014 Uploaded at 0:41, 2 May 2014

Skyrim Landscape Overhaul :
Overhauls the detail and number of static items in the world to give a more 3d and realistic feeling to the game.
I also fixed some bugs whiles I was doing this such as fixing wrong placements of object and puting the corret one back in (details bellow)

-Whiterun Hold:

Lots of rocks been hand placed around the empty tundra to give it a harsh and cold feel.
added more nordic ruin rements (small pillers and structers resembling stonehenge to add to the old nord feeling.
also near snow areas near the tundra I added more snow drift to add to the ilusion of snow being 3d and help the transition toward snow zones.

Riverwood forest has added tree stumps.

V1.2 removed some of the pointy rocks as a lot of players did not like them very much (some are still there)

V1.2 New rocks assets used from moders resorce (link will be shown when you download the mod)

Riften :
Added death aspen leaves in some rivers and along the lake there , helps to give a bigger autumn feel
enchanced the valleys around rivers to remove the severe emptyness that was there.
V1.2 more trees , ferns , and clifs

-Windhelm hold :
half of Lake Yorgrim is frozen , there is broken ice near the docks.

Falkreath hold :

Falkreath was given fern hills like found in cold pine forest , overhauled the bottom of lake Ilinalta
At the guardian stones I removed the aspen leaves , they had no place there due to no aspen trees being at that location.
V1.2 New asset used and more rocks and clifs with some more trees handplaced (link will be shown when you download the mod)

V1.2 New/Old Ferns added by hand in some parts of the forest (link will be shown when you download the mod)

The northen coastal areas :

Added more broken ice and lots of smaller details , to give it a truly epic and natural feel as well as givethe feeling of cold

Reach :
Replaced one road section that had riften texture on it instead of Reach dirt texture.
V1.1 : added more rocks in logical place and some bushes/trees in some areas that were just too empty.
V1.2 more ''ferns'' and rocks and a thew trees , not that much work has been done but it looks better allready
V1.2 Added new trees from moders resorce (link will be shown when you download the mod)
it adds more juniper type trees to the reach

High hrothgar.
Much more snow , more varied snow texture painting.
there is more detail such has rocks and heavy snow drifts it will know look like its a high and cold location.
V1.1 :Added even more detail to the hole mountain.
Haafingar :
Added more detail and filed up blank spots were clifs should have been
V1.2 Fixed out of place rock halting progress up the mountain (bassed on player feedback)

Recomended Mods (not needed but help make game better) -Frostfall , learn to adapt and survive the harsh weather of skyrim , the way it SHOULD have been. -The best ENB in my oppinion , I use a slightly moded version of this. the reason why its the best for me is , it does not mess up anything , its compatible with ALL lighting mods as it does not change the lighting but rather add lots of better effects to the game its litraly vanilla ++

ALL of Cabals texture work ! -amazing audio overhal just amazing -still sends chills down my back. -the volcanic tundra one due to the fact that morrowind is the next door to it , and I did not alter anything in that reagion. -The mod adds clouds , and there real hens the name real clouds.