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This "Reborn" version of Natalie features a totally clean esp as the original had quiet alot of random edits throughtout many cells from the result of me playing around with alot and looking at different things and forgot to clean them up when I originally made the mod which as a result may have caused a few people CTD's or other little problems. This upload has been built up from scratch to ensure stability and compatability. At first this mod was just a fun little idea to be able to have my girlfriend join along in my adventures but after some thought and by popular demand this mod will be evolving into a bigger project featuring quests, backstory, full voice acting, deep romance and many more features.

My Girlfriend is 100% fine with this upload.

Well basically I had Vilja as my long time companion but my real life Girlfriend wasnt to fond of her (shes just jealous HA!) anyways she insisted that I created HER so she can tag along instead of Vilja and this is the result of my work. She is leveled to the player and can be found roaming around riverwood but usually she is just inside the entrance leaning on a fence. She is currently voice acted but by default even toned female voice not by actual real life Natalie yet also she is quiet a powerful mage with unique spells. Didnt think I would ever say this to anyone haha but ENJOY MY GIRLFRIEND...

Mod starts at 6:25 into video.

Me and Natalie in real life. Just put this up as there has been quiet a few doubters out there so hopefully this will silence you ;)

You will need the "ApachiiSkyHair" main file found here.
If you want her to have piercings like in the picture then you will need "Facial Piercings" found here.

Use NMM to install or if your doing it manually then just copy the files downloaded here and place them in your skyrim data folder and say "yes" if asked to merge anything.

Just deactivate in NMM or delete the "Natalie Wellington.esp" and the meshes and textures you can go find them to remove otherwise no harm done if they are just left there.

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