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Added: 28/04/2014 - 01:59PM
Updated: 08/07/2014 - 09:58AM

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Last updated at 9:58, 8 Jul 2014 Uploaded at 13:59, 28 Apr 2014

This mod adds a set of new face textures/normal maps, that does NOT replace any of your current textures.
I repeat, these do NOT replace your current face textures, instead, they can be selected in
the race menu, through the complexion slider.

What does this mod gives you to be precisely?
Three different face textures (all humanoid races) with two different normal map types for humans
and one new normal map for elves & orcs.

Along with three older complexions (which uses some assets from the official skyrim HD pack) that goes as:
Middle aged, older & old as balls.

And last but not least, it comes along with three new different freckle types!

This face texture is basically a mash-up of my favorite textures combined.
It is a mix of Nuska's fantastic work, along with SG's textures, thus Smashin Face was born.
Lots of blending went through in order to create a new texture & normal maps.

The face texture are meant to be fitten on the UNP body, and I'm not going to bother to make
it compatible with other body types, because I don't use any other body types.
I originally created these textures for myself and eventually uploaded it and published
it as a Tumblr exclusive, but I have decided to upload it here on the Nexus as well.

These textures can cause a noticeable seam, depending on the body texture
that you are using. However, I have made a few patches to fight off the seams.
If you are currently using a body texture which there isn't a patch for yet, leave
your comment in the comment section, because I'm taking patching requests for body textures.

F . A . Q .

Q: ”But what if I would like to use these with freckles?”
A: Each version has an option to be used with freckles (uses the type freckles that you use)
and comes along with three new, different & standalone freckles (does not replace your current one).
I really recommend getting freckles from Real skin or from Dreamburrows if you don't have
a freckle mod replacer. They are amazing.

Q: ”What about old age and rough?”
A: Good news, I have included older wominz complexions.
But not rough tho, sorry.

Q: ”Does this mod requires SKSE or any other mods?”
A: No, no it doesn't. The only thing you need is a legalized, uptodate version of skyrim
and of course the UNP body.

Q: ”Insert any butthurt comments”
A: There is a right time and place for your bullshit and complains.
Never and in the trashcan.

F U T U R E . P L A N S
Maybe a vampire edition? Who knows.
Female Orc's compatibility. Mission completed

I would like to give out my thanks to both HelloSanta & Nuska!
If it weren't for them and their smashing works, these textures wouldn't have existed.

Nuska - For her existence & all her skin textures.
HelloSanta - For her wonderful SG skin textures.

And of course.. Bethesda!!
I would like to thank you guys, for creating one of the greatest game ever.
If it weren't for you guys, I would never have picked up modding and neither would this mod
be as it is now! Also, thank you for your wonderful DLC's & HD texture pack you have
managed to give to us, y'all did great.

W a l l . O f . G r 8 n e s s
And let's not forget, my super lovely dovies, who took some rad and hella screenshots
to showcase this mod <3 You gais are rockin.