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Travel Attire


This is a simple light armor/clothing mod, so the usage is pretty straight forward, just craft it at the forge under the leather category and wear whatever piece you like!

In this mod

- a vest
- a pair of pants
- a fur collier
- a pair of boots
- and a pair of gauntlets

are included.

Thanks for the videos <3


- The Dawnguard DLC is required, or else you will having missing textures in first person!
- The outfit is meant to be worn together, so only equipping the chest piece will lead to missing body parts (hands gaps and missing legs). Too lazy to fix that, sorry.
- I'm not gonna make a male version or conversions to any other body mod.


Credits for all the wonderful resources go to:

L0rdOfWar and FranklinZunge - for the vest (
Ashara and anka01 - for the pants (
Elleh - for the boots (
FrankFamily - for the gauntlet textures (
Azraille - for the fur (

Also huge thanks to Bethesda for Skyrim and the CreationKit and for my husbando for being a sweetie-pie and supporting me and encouraging me to release my crappy mods! :D

Take care!