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Unrelenting Force - Ultimate

-Change Log-

Version 1.0 (04/23/2014) - Official Release

One size does not fit all! Released six new versions to better fit your individual play style!

Unrelenting Force - Less : 50% reduction in damage and most effects (better suited for early game on higher difficulties or mid to late game on adept difficulty level)
Unrelenting Force - Weak : 75% reduction in damage and most effects (still better than vanilla and better suited for easier difficulty levels or for purists)
Unrelenting Force - Ultimate Cool : Same as the Ultimate version with 50% faster cool downs (may be considered a cheat unless playing on Master or Legendary difficulty setting)
Unrelenting Force - Less Cool : Same as the Less version with 50% faster cool downs
Unrelenting Force - Weak Cool : Same as the Weak version with 50% faster cool downs
Unrelenting Force - Weak Fast Cool : Same as the Weak version with a 5 second cool down for all three words (for those who love to shout frequently without a game breaking effect)

Version 1.1 (04/26/2014)

Increased the duration of the slow effect (wore off before the ice effect did which didn't make sense). Increased the push effect (victims are pushed back farther but not so much that so you can't find the corpse easily).

Restructured the mod and broke the core mod into two components. The core mod now consists of six versions - Ultimate, Less, Weak, & Ultimate No Ice, Less No Ice, and Weak No Ice. Versions were added without the Ice Form effect. See the section - 'Ice Form - Pros & Cons' for details.

The Cool down component is now a separate mod. Choose between 'Unrelenting Force - Cool Down' for a 50% faster cool down or 'Unrelenting Force - Fast Cool Down' for a 75% faster cool down. Unless you use one of these two optional cool down mods the cool down is untouched and left at default.

You can now mix and match flavors even more easily to better fit your individual play style.

Increases the power, effectiveness, and usefulness of the Unrelenting Force shout. This mod combines the following shouts and increases their effectiveness:

Unrelenting Force
Marked for Death
Frost Breath
Ice Form (weak version)

See screenshots for exact modifications (Ultimate version shown). Nothing has been modified other that what is listed in the screenshots! Cool downs were untouched and left at default (non-cool down versions).

I got tired of having to hotkey 4+ shouts, toggle between them, and keep track of all of their individual cool downs (not fun).
This mod takes my 4 favorite offensive shouts, combines them, and puts the fun back into shouting.

-Background & Philosophy-
Shouting in Skyrim is so weak and ineffective that many choose to ignore it completely. It could have been a great tool had it been more effective.
Why would anyone want to use a shout when you can do 2x to 10x the damage or effect with a weapon or spell with almost no cool down?
According to Skyrim lore, Ulfric Stormcloak shouted High King Torygg to death. Not in vanilla Skyrim he didn't unless it took him 10 years!
Shouts are so weak, that along with the long shout cool downs, the default health regen will almost heal the victim completely before the shout is ready for re-use. This mod makes Unrelenting Force what is should have been - a very useful and effective shout that is truly to be FEARED!

I feel that this mod is unique in several ways. To my knowledge the following is true:

1. The first mod of it's kind to actually combine shout powers (I couldn't find any mods on the Nexus that did this)
2. One of the few mods that shows the user the exact changes I made in the Creation Kit
3. One of the lightest and unobtrusive mods that exists (100% script free and only makes edits to three records)
4. Just released six new versions to try and accommodate every play style
5. Very detailed information on the main page of the mod (and readme) to try and cover every section, possible question, and implications
6. The mod is simple but has a profound game effect and really makes shouting fun and less frustrating (helps fix weak vanilla shouting in Skyrim - less hotkeys, better balance, more effective)

This mod has been play tested to keep it effective yet not game breaking (see the next section).

-Gameplay Enhancement or Game Cheat?-
This mod is balanced if used mid to late game on Expert, Master, or Legendary difficulty setting (Ultimate version). This mod is a cheat if used early game or on Novice, Apprentice, or Adept difficulty levels (unless you use the Less or Weak version). Every effort was made to not make this mod an "I WIN" button. For this reason I adjusted the settings many times and play tested. I also had to implement a weakened version of Ice Form (combined Ice Form, not standalone Ice Form) to keep it from being game breaking.

See the Change Log for six new versions to better fit your individual play style!

Bottom line - If you like the mod use it. I think that it will really improve your gaming experience if you try it. If you don't like it I ask that you be respectful and please move along. No one is forcing you to use or like this mod.

Because of problems I've had in the past with immature kids posting nonsense I'm not opening this mod up for posting. Private message me if you have a genuine question or concern. If I get a lot of the same questions being asked I'll add the info to the main page of this mod and to the readme. Sorry, but the few (trollers, haters, flamers, immature kids) ruin things for the majority (mature adults).

Thank you to all those who took the time to download, install, and endorse this mod!

-Ice Form - Pros & Cons-
Some players don't like the ice form effect and others do. Versions were released with and without the Ice Form shout included.

1. Crowd Control - when faced with two or more opponents the ice form effect temporarily freezes them and takes them out of the fight as they are unable to more or perform any actions
2. Gives the player more time - to heal, cast protective spells, down potions, re-position yourself, etc.
3. Cool looking effect - it's fun to freeze enemies solid for a few seconds

1. Enemy is immune to damage while frozen - this can be frustrating if you are faced with a single opponent and can't end it's life immediately
2. Can interfere with the push effect of Unrelenting Force - victim is frozen in place just as they're being pushed

This mod should be compatible with everything except other shout mods. Even then it will usually work fine if placed after all other shout mods in the load order.

-Bugs, Known Issues, & FYI-
This mod is exceptionally light and unobtrusive. I only made edits to the three words of power for Unrelenting Force using the latest version of Skyrim and the Creation Kit. It is extremely doubtful and unlikely that this mod will cause any problems whatsoever to your Skyrim game.

Dragon & Draugr Shouts
By default dragons have their own version of Unrelenting Force and is separate from the player version. There could be a possible problem if a dragon mod incorrectly uses the player version. Not really a problem other than you will take a much larger hit than expected.

By default Draugrs and players use and share the same Unrelenting Force shout. With the frequency that Draugrs shout this may wreck the player and jack them up in a hurry (especially with two or more Draugrs shouting in the same room)! Here are several options:

1. Max your Magic and Frost Resists with enchanted gear, items, potions, etc.
2. Dodge the shout just before it comes at you (you only have .5 seconds to react or it's too late)
3. Take cover behind a wall or large object
4. Kill or disable the Draugrs before they have a chance to shout
5. Use "The Real Way to Shout" by CroMe

I highly recommend using my mod with "The Real Way to Shout" by CroMe ( "The Real Way to Shout" gives Draugr's their own version of Unrelenting Force (otherwise you will be on the receiving end of this shout) and is one of the best unknown and undervalued shout mods available for Skyrim. I have tried nearly all of shout mods on the Nexus and prefer this shout mod.

"The Way of the Voice" Quest
This mod shouldn't interfere with "The Way of the Voice" quest but I'm not going to make promises; therefore do one of the two recommendations below:

1. Install this mod after you get all three words of power for Unrelenting Force from the Greybeards
2. Disable this mod while demonstrating Unrelenting Force to the Greybeards and then re-activate it

-Load Order-
Place anywhere if this is your only shout mod or after all mods that edit, modify, or add shouts.

Skyrim version 1.9.32 or later
Unofficial Skyrim Patch version 2.0.1 or later

1. Extract the contents of the 7z file
2. Move the .esp file to your Skyrim's Data folder
3. Activate Unrelenting Force - Ultimate.esp (or whichever version you downloaded)

1. Remove Unrelenting Force - Ultimate.esp (or whichever version you downloaded)

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These are the Core mods that I run and have been running many of them for years without issue. The above mods I recommend without reservation and are generally solid and well written.