Castle Royal by Alex D Won
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Thanks to all those who have been using this mod and I hope you like what I've been doing with the place. If you're checking this out for the first time, give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

As of version 2, I will probably not be updating this mod anymore. As far as I can tell, there are no bugs to worry about. If someone does notice something just post a comment and I'll see what i can do.

If you like this mod please endorse and post a comment saying what you like about it. Of course any feedback is always welcome.
This Mod Requires CBBE, FNIS Animation, HDT High Heel system and XP32 Skeleton, or other comparable mods.
******Update V 2.2 ******
Fixed shower in staff's bedroom on second level; wasn't undressing actors. That is all so, if you already have this mod installed, all you need to do is replace the .esp file.
****** Update V 2.1 *****
Followers can now enter the courtyard and, yes, the pool also. I like to take them up to the balcony then push them off with Unrelenting Force :). Enjoy
****** Update V2 *******
Training Room: Magic, Stealth and Combat. The magic and combat ones can be hard at the lower levels so be careful. The door is next to the entrance to the staff's bedroom on the second level.

A live-in girlfriend/potential spouse, she sells cloths. If you marry her, choose to "live with you" and she will return to the castle and her daily routine. If you choose another house, she will not be able to return.

6 Shield Racks and 2 additional mannequins in the Trophy Room.

Empres armor and weapons. This is just a mash up of other mods so all credit goes to them.

Took out the display cases in the library, just couldn't get them to work right.

ISSUE: In combat training, sometimes the enemy won't go back after you exit.
FIX: Go back into the arena then exit again.
ISSUE: During combat training the spider-bot disappeared into the wall.
FIX: Exit arena, this will end the match. Then restart.

******Update 1.3********
Added a mini training/testing area, standing in front of a pillar will cause it to shoot fire, Ice, lightning or a bound arrow. Perfect for trying out the elemental/damage resistance of your new gear. All spells are apprentice and the arrow does the normal bound arrow damage. If you want more powerful spells and arrows just send me a message or post a comment.

Changed the undressing radius around the staff's beds so you can talk to them without undressing. If stand against or on the bed you will.

Fixed books clipping inside the display cases in the library.

Did and overhaul of the courtyard, now the NPC's will patrol around instead of sand-boxing. This fixed all issues with them getting stuck or just staying in one place.

Changed the staff's schedule so that they hang around the pool during the day and work in the evening. Also, I disabled the "hello" dialogues, so they wont comment on you being naked. If you talk to them they might but not otherwise.

Lastly, I added music for both the Castle and the Courtyard. The tunes are exerts from a middle-age music compilation. Nothing fancy, it's just to give the place some ambiance.

Unless I get requests or notice and more bugs, I might be done adding/fixing the castle/courtyard. I'm going to start working on the new addition I've been planning.

******Update 1.2********
Added better clothes and hair to all the staff members.
Fixed NPC' getting stuck in pool.
Improved lighting in courtyard.
This mod gives the player their own Castle Volkihar, only with a little more flare. The main goal is to have a home with both function and style. So not only can you get all your crafting and storing out of the way, you can also take a second and enjoy the fruits of your hard labor.

Castle Royal includes but is not excluded to...

All crafting stations except for the smelter
Five staff members (all women, sorry I'm a guy), one for every trade
A library, kitchen, master bedroom, workshop and two rooms for the staff
A courtyard with pool
Mannequins, weapon racks and displays

As seen in other mods, all NPC's will undress when getting in the bed, the shower or the pool. Unlike other mods however, you will also undress. You will have to reequip your gear though, there is a bug that prevents player enchanted items from taking effect so I left re-equiping out.

To stay lore friendly, I didn't included things like a smelter, an NPC you can sell stolen goods to or an abundance of free item. There are some ingredients on a shelf like every other house but that is all.

I will be updating this mod for at least the next month. I'm currently working on adding more things for the NPC's to do and wear as well as additional features to the castle.

Well that's it, the key is by the door. Enjoy, any feedback is welcome. Thanks