Castle Royal by Alex D Won
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Added: 24/04/2014 - 04:52AM
Updated: 17/12/2016 - 03:01AM

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Last updated at 3:01, 17 Dec 2016 Uploaded at 4:52, 24 Apr 2014

This mod gives the player their own Castle Volkihar, only with a little more flare. The main goal is to have a home with both function and style. So not only can you get all your crafting and storing out of the way, you can also take a second and enjoy the fruits of your hard labor.
Thanks to all those who have been using this mod and I hope you like what I've been doing with the place. If you're checking this out for the first time, give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

As far as I can tell, there are no bugs to worry about. If someone does notice something just post a comment and I'll see what i can do.

If you like this mod please endorse and post a comment saying what you like about it. Of course any feedback is always welcome.

********** Warning ********

This Mod Requires CBBE, FNIS Animation and XP32 Skeleton, or other comparable mods.

For best results, if updating, remove all items from the home, uninstall mod, load game, save then install new version.

As of version 5.0, this mod will not be updated any further.

****** The Royal Castle *******

Castle Royal includes but is not excluded to...

All crafting stations except for the smelter
Five staff members (all women, sorry I'm a guy), one for every trade
A library, kitchen, master bedroom, workshop and two rooms for the staff
A courtyard with pool
Mannequins, weapon racks and displays
Training Room with three types of exercises, combat, magic and stealth.

As seen in other mods, all NPC's will undress when getting in the bed, the shower or the pool. Unlike other mods however, you will also undress. You will have to reequip your gear though, there is a bug that prevents player enchanted items from taking effect so I left re-equiping out.

To stay lore friendly, I didn't included things like a smelter or an abundance of free item. There are some ingredients on a shelf like every other house but that is all.

***** The Royal Armor *****

The set is equivalent to ebony armor with two extra pieces, also comes in light version.

Royal Armor (comes with royal matching set perk, so won't interfere with the games version)
Royal Helmet (equips to circlet slot as to not be visible but still receive armor boost)
Royal Guantlets
Royal Boots
Royal Mask (uses slot 55)
Royal Pads

***** The Royal Weapons *****

The swords are the equivalent to Daedric and the Crossbow Dwarven.

Royal Katana (comes with Royal Sword Bone Breaker perk)
Royal Tanto (comes with Royal Dagger Bone Breaker perk)
Royal Crossbow (Comes with Royal Quick Shot Perk, stacks with vanilla Quick Shot Perk)

***** The Royal Jewelry *****

The rings equip to the pinky (slots 58) and middle finger (slot 59) so if anything is equipped there it will be unequipped.

Royal Blood Ring: Allows for Royal Swords to cast Bloodskal blade effect. Also, any aimed spell (fire, ice, summon etc) casted in left hand will fire instantly.

Royal Ability Ring: Adds a small boosts to various stats.

***** Extras ******

Royal Death Root, basically a grow-able Jarrin Root.
Royal Eyes, white vampire eyes.
Royal Weapons and Royal Blood-Strike casts a custom white-fire effect on targets.


Well that's it. Enjoy, any feedback is welcome. Thanks