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CWRS will update to version 2.0.1 on July 1st, 2016!

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The Soldiers Life. . .
Here I add a little excitement to the civil war, with the focus being to play a game that can essentially be based solely around it. Start off from the beginning as grunt cannon fodder going to wherever the enemy is active. Then as you rise in the ranks of the vanilla Civil War, you'll get more responsibility, the ability to recruit soldiers as the battles get more deadly. Then finally when the civil war ends, you will find that the remnants of the enemy force remain and are still fighting back with a vengeance to regain control of Skyrim.

I seek not to outdo any of the other CW related mods, and appreciate the work done by those authors. On the contrary, I wish to add more to the table in that area in hopes to fill in areas they did not. To that end, C.W.R.S is compatible with the other CW mods.

This is the war that never ends, the war we all wanted to see from day one, the war we can build a whole game around, which is what inspired me to do it.


-Recurring Siege Battles every 100 game hours, with the actors reflecting the side you chose, at one of the random fort locations throughout the world. Kill the enemy commander, receive a trophy and a stipend, rinse lather repeat.

-Recurring STRESS TRAINING event. You are tasked with reporting to a commander and accompanying him or her on a mission.

-RECRUITING SYSTEM Once you attain the rank of Snow Hammer or Tribune, you will be tasked with
more responsibility. Seek out potential recruits around skyrim and build your own personal squad, complete with most of the follower commands, with a little more. Your squad may have intel on various happenings throughout Skyrim and Solstheim for you to go and investigate

-Defensive Sieges added to forts involved in vanilla Civil War Quest

-Enemy reinforcements added, randomly appearing at battles starting at rank 3

-Healers added to recruit seedings, appearing randomly at temples/halls of the dead to be

-"Armor Shop" added to ledgers. Craftable Imperial General helmet added to workbench

-Dialogue options and customization added to recruits.

The Below mods/assets and their Authors have been utilized in CWRS, either by expressed
permission or through credit for usage.

Heroic Stormcloak Armor by hothtrooper44

If you have any comments, suggestions, complaints or constructive criticism, please feel free
to PM me, or leave a post. If you are having problems with this mod, please do not go away
silent., let me know so I can attempt to correct the issue and make the mod even better.

Also, keep it classy, any abusive or inappropriate comments will be deleted and you will be
reported to an admin.

Here are responses to the most common user concerns. If questions are posted that have been
answered here they will be ignored. Also Please be sure to check the in game manuals I have

-NO other mods/utilities/dlc are required to run this plugin, and never will be.

-The mod is self executing. There are no NPC you need to talk to in order to 'start' it.
Events are delivered in quest form and notification depending on your status in the vanilla
Civil War quests. Events delivered largely via change location event trace.

-You do not need to start a new game to run CWRS. It will pick up on wherever you are
in the game and do what it's supposed to do. You can also uninstall it without detriment
to your game.


-Repetitious dialogue has been noted in stormcloak recruits. This really has no detrimental effects. It just looks confusing.

-From the onset, consultation was made with the Author of CWO, and it was determined at that time that what he has utilized in his work does not and cannot conflict with things done in CWRS. CWRS does not make a single edit to the vanilla CWscript and no edits to any other vanilla reference which may result in conflicts. However, it should be noted that npc crowding may become an issue as a result of using these two mods in tandem.

-We are compatible with Arthmoors work, including alt start. There is no definitive
answer on compatibility with Warzones.