ArchMage Hoodless Heavy OR Light Robes by Rafalema
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Last updated at 23:01, 7 Jan 2012 Uploaded at 19:23, 4 Jan 2012

------Arch-Mage's Heavy Robes
Simple and small .esp mod which gives your favorite archmage's robes a heavy armor rating of 42/light armor rating of 35. This mod also contains a fix to the problem that the nonhooded robes don't have the +50 magicka bonus. (Except now it's +40 magicka for balance)

EDIT: Now with the new optional addon, you can create these robes at any blacksmith's Forge. You need the original hooded robes to create these armored non-hooded ones. If you decide not to install the addon, you must do the following:
1. Open up console by pressing the button left of your number 1 key.
2. Type in "player.additem 0007C932" without the "
3. Equip your new Heavy/Light robes.

Installation instructions in the archive, use winRAR to open it.

NOTE: The texture mod is NOT INCLUDED in this package. If you want these awesome HD dark/black patterned robes, go get them here
for male:
for female: