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Skyrim Ultra Settings
By IceTeaGaming

Hey guys, I want to show you my first Skyrim-Graphics/Settings-Mod!

With this mod you get better graphics, better performance and a better gaming experience.
The mod is fully configurable in order to get a better result for your skyrim.

Back up your old settings, if something goes wrong!
1. Step: Download the mod
2. Step: Unpack the zip or rar file on your desktop
3. Step: Open the 2 files [ Skyrim.ini, SkyrimPrefs.ini ] and configure it however you want
4. Step: Put the two files into the path [Users - Documents - My Games - Skyrim]
5. Step: Start Skyrim- your settings are read and you can launch Skyrim

1. Step: Delete the Skyrim.ini and the SkyrimPrefs.iniĀ  [Users - Documents - My Games - Skyrim]
2. Step: Put the Backup Files [ Skyrim.ini, SkyrimPrefs.ini ] into [Users - Documents - My Games - Skyrim]

System Requirements
The mod works with medium - good PCs. The used power depends on the selected settings

1. Step: Install your Enb
2. Step: Install your Mods
3. Step: Install my Settings

-Skse Download
-A Realistic Hope Enb: Download
-SkyrimPrefs: Download

-2k Textures: Download
-Water: Download
-Climatics of Tamriel: Download
-EnhancedLightsandFX: Download
-Skyrim Flora Overhaul: Download
-Lush Grass: Download
-True Skyrim: Download
-iHud: Download
-Ciliv war reapairs: Download
-Magic Duell: Download
-Better Dynamic Snow: Download
-Enhanced Blood Texture: Download
-Cinematic Fire Hd: Download

If you have any questions, you can contact me or post your opinion about the mod in the forum.

I hope you enjoy my mod :D