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The Sons and Daughters Of Skyrim are Waiting at The Palace Of The Kings for The Final Showdown. And Boy's, the Empire better be ready. For tonight the final battle of Skyrim's War will leave it's toll on the Empire. For the Son's Of Skyrim will be remembered in Song by their people; for it is all that is left of there world now. With their blood, the story will be told.

You get the picture................. This Mod is about Glory, and if the end comes then it comes in Glory and with an end worth remembering....

After a long war the Empire strolls into the palace and kills Ulfric Stormcloak.

Bahh, 8 new individual stormcloak, tough which level with the game. Enjoy Ulfric Stormcloak's end. You will have earned it..........

By Dant
Will this mod ruin the dramatic scene when you barge down the door and have a small chat with Ulfric?

YES. I have looked into this in depth, trying other variables, and to be honest for me with this mod, I prefer the fighting to start.

As Ulfric said his-self,

"There are no words needed between warriors".

The Dova still kills Ulfic though at his request with the Generals sword.

No Confilcts I know off...

No DLCS Required Only Skyrim.....

Other Mods By Me.



The point of these mods is to make the villages, settlements, roads and cities feel alive and vibrant leaving a greater sense of reality and immersion to the game.

I have started with Riverwood and intended to go through the towns and cities one by one.

NPCs Interact with the environment, and travel to other cities.

Family Relations and Structures To Be Developed.

I imagine these mods will change a lot along the way with feedback. I hope this gives you some idea of the thought process behind my motivation for this series of mods.

Regards Nesbit.