A Cure for the Nightmare by VitchRazor AKA WitchRiser
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In the Midden, beneath the College of Winterhold, you meet a mage who seems to be working on some kind of new spell: a spell that could increase one's mental capabilities. Or, at least, that's what he pretends; but this strange encounter will soon make you wonder what's real and what's not...

A Cure for the Nightmare is a quest mod, but it's unlike any quest mod you've ever seen. It will drag you into a creepy and immersive world of insanity where you don't always have a weapon or easy way out. And when you do have to fight, those combats aren't like classical Skyrim combats: they are realistic and deadly combats, so be careful. What's more, it takes some curiosity to really understand the story. You have to be attentive to every detail.

There isn't much else to say that won't spoil the mod, except that it's quite short compared to my other quest mods, and it's fully voice-acted. I can also tell you that you'll learn a new spell at the end. For the rest, I'll let the screenshots do the talking for me.

-- Bugs / conflicts / requirements --

# No requirements

# Should be compatible with any mod that doesn't affect the Midden 01

# Known issues:
- Do not use "god mode" cheat, or you'll get stuck.
- After you finished the quest, you might get an NPC following you all the time. In that case, open the console, click on him and enter "disable".
- If, in the first area, after climbing up the ladder, you get teleported back to the Midden, open the console and enter "COC CNWorld1Cellar".
- If you don't know what to do, simply ask yourself: "What would I do in this situation?"
- You might find yourself unable to move at some point. In that case, just jump.

-- Credits --

# Developer: WitchRiser, AKA VitchRazor

Bobshadow as Kyres Archer

-- A Cure for the Nightmare II --

After playing A Cure for the Nightmare, you might find yourself with questions left unanswered. That's because I have already started writing the scenario of "A Cure for the Nightmare II: the Plague". But whether or not I will actually make this mod depends on how successful "A Cure for the Nightmare" is. So don't forget to rate/endorse, comment, and recommend it to your friends if you liked it!
In "A Cure for the Nightmare II: the Plague", I intend to make a longer quest with a better scenario in which you will be directly involved, which means that this mod will lean more towards my other quest mods (Cycle of the Silencer & The Warpers), except that I will keep the creepy atmosphere and immersion, with custom sound effects and better designing like you can see in "A Cure for the Nightmare", but without actually changing the gameplay this time.

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