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Version 3 is here!


-Sun (Light) and Abysmal (Dark) weapons are separated into an extra file for dawngaurd players.
-Removed old dark weapons, removed light greatsword, and added all new Sun (Light) and Abysmal (Dark) weapons with custom formed FX meshes by myself in 3DS Max and Nifskope. Credits to InsumDave for helping me with the correct settings to achieve the black flame FX on the Abysmal weapons! muahahaha
-Removed the ability for blood to splatter on the melee weapons (Magicka is ethereal, blood shouldn't be able to stick to it)
-Fixed the skinny Frost Mace FX shader and replaced it with a similar shape to the daedric weapon itself so it looks better
-Sun (light) Bow is no longer deadric mesh, Model is ebony and texture is spliced Silver to match the other Sun weapons which use silver-textured models.
-All spells have 5 "tiers" of leveling now, for smoother leveling and balance
-Weapons have less normal dmg now, but increased elemental enchant dmg

-Small fixes to missing arrow scripts from previous version
-Data specifications charts in this description
-The BINDING TIME for the weapons are also now tiered!
-Light Weapons have stronger UNDEAD life-drain spells with better VFX

-Added new visual effects for all the Flame and Frost weapons!
-Added Light Sword
-Added Light Greatsword
-Added Dark Mace
-Added Dark Warhammer
-Changed the elemental damage parameters
-Changed the weapon speeds to increase as your character does
-Changed the weapon normal damages
-Changed the weapon critical damages to increase as your character does
-Added a 4th level to ALL weapons (Apotheosis) for when your character reaches 100 in that set skill as a reward for maxing out your skill!!
-Spent days trying to get all of this to work properly, dropped a couple of other side models I was starting for this final piece of this mod.
-This mod is COMPLETE. I will only add more to do fixes to miniscule things I may have missed here and there in my esp file. Enjoy!!! ^^

-Changed the description and casting art for the Poison/Dark Bow because V1.1 Poison/Dark bow says "Bound Light Bow" in the description, and the spell in hand looks like a candlelight spell (not dark at all!)

-Poison bow with similar strengths to the light bow, but uses poison damage instead of silver perk (a lot of enemies are immune to poison damage, so it's not really overpowered) This spell is a LESSER POWER and will be under your powers section (it doesn't use a school of magic so it doesn't decrease in magicka cost, but it also is fairly powerful since it is reflective of your sneak skill, so this bow would definitely be overpowered if you COULD decrease it's magicka cost.
-Flame weapons colors are more orange than red (red will be used for "absorb health" weapons in the future I think...)
-Light arrow quiver and bow have new matching texture mesh that makes it look SPECTACULAR!!! I spent quite a while looking for the best presets for it to use, I think Paladin users will be very happy with the results :)
-Added the 3 dagger spellbooks and the dark/poison bow spellbook to Helgen keeps barracks room (first room for imperial path)
-The Spellbook crafting now includes the need for a physical weapon (iron or hunting bow) as though you are able to transmigrate the physical weapon into a magical summon!!

VERSION 0.96 (Initial Release)
-Elemental weapons & Light bow
-Craftable spellbooks
-No physical copies lying around the worldspace yet
-Some mesh textures of the bound weapons are a bit mismatch
-First real mod I've ever made (and released)! Woo!

Mod Description:

Flame, Frost, Storm Weapons are leveled with your destruction skill, as well as increase your destruction magic skill when used and cast.

Sun (Light) Weapons are leveled with your Restoration skill, as well as increase your restoration magic when used and cast.

Abysmal (Dark) weapons are leveled with your sneak skill and are considered LESSER POWERS, meaning that their magicka cost will never be more or less. They will not influence progress toward any school of magic when cast.

All of the weapons' "normal" damage are leveled with their respective skills (1H, 2H, Archery) but their BASE damage is increased with Destruction, Restoration, or Sneak.

Bows, Daggers, and Abysmal (Dark) spells are all SILENT. The enchantments, weapon sheathing, and attacks are completely quiet to those around you. I've thought about almost every aspect for this mod.

The spellbooks can be crafted at the tanning rack (leather bound books) and require a couple of basic items each to make. For users who are starting a new game or for anyone who ventures back to Helgen: The dagger spells and dark bow are all found in the Helgen keep on a bookshelf, inside the starting room (guard barracks).

The spells are all under the MASTER DESTRUCTION/RESTORATION perks so you can't "halve the magicka cost" until you're a destruction/restoration master. This way it always costs mostly the same amount of +50 magicka until you access the master perk. This will prevent unreal amounts of casting repeatedly without suffering consequences when in battle! The Abysmal spells all cost 100 Magicka at ALL times, this way they don't get overpowered for being silent but the user can use the spells from the very beginning as an assassin/thief/rogue character as long as you don't change the base 100 magicka the user starts out with.

As you can tell below, I spent a LOT of time on the stats for all of the weapons. I want them to be as balanced as possible. I may fix some small errors in the future, but this is what the weapon stats were imagined/checked to be.

EDIT FOR THE TABLES: The 2nd skill level labeled as 24-->49 should be 25-->49 for all the skill level tiers.

Table 1 -- This displays the main file spell-weapons and their stats:

Table 2 -- This displays the add-on file spells and stats for Dawngaurd players:

All spellbooks require:
-1 leather
-1 leather strips
-5 rolls of paper
-Basic iron weapon or hunting bow
-Elemental Salts / Silver Ingot / Frostbite venom

The weapon in the required materials is to enact as the object you wish to etherealize into a spell and bind with magic, this also is meant to keep the spellbook recipe from appearing generic. However, I assure you that the ingredients are not easy to come by, especially the rolls of paper, quills, and inkwells. Of course There's always the cheater's way with Command Console, but why ruin the effort for the reward?

How To Install:
1.) Extract the data folder
2.) Place the contents within the data folder inside your skyrim data folder (where the ESM, ESP, and BSA files are located)
3.) Start Skyrim
4.) Enjoy! :)

How To Update from V2.2 to V3:
1.) delete older files to reduce clutter (or leave it, doesn't matter, but I like removing useless files from my directories)
2.) extract the folder and place contents within the data folder of your skyrim installation location.
3.) Overwrite older files, if it asks. Otherwise, ignore this part.

How To Uninstall:
1.) Delete the esp through the skyrim startup "data files" button
2.) Delete the folder inside meshes/weapons named "ElementalBinding"
3.) Delete the folder inside textures/weapons named "ElementalBinding"
4.) Delete the script files labeled "BoundFlameBow..." "BoundFrostBow..." "BoundShockBow..." under scripts folder
5.) Cry deeply because you no longer have THE BEST bound weapon mod :<

Known Bugs? NONE... but
If the spell ID's change

If you mess with the spell ID's to customize something, you're taking that risk of causing yourself trouble. Fair warning. If you downloaded the mod and anything goes wrong contact me IMMEDIATELY please. I don't want anyone having issues if I can avoid it! Thank youuuuuu

My Other Mods:
Bound Magicka Armor (As seen in some of the pictures for this mod)

Credits & Thanks:
Thank you LSB for your permission to use your Morningstar/Spiked Mace and your Silver Battlehammer (which I converted into a Warhammer) for my Light Weaponry!

Thank you InsumDave for the black flames settings on my custom Abysmal Weapon FX meshes! Custom FX meshes don't do much when they don't have good shaders and FX art on them haha

Everything else I have edited and made myself at this point using Nifskope, 3DS Max, and Creation Kit. :)

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions or issues, feel free to post or message me. If you like my mod, don't forget to endorse! :)