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Yuril Bumpy Cities Pack

Improvement and replacement of Bump/Normal Map Cities. (vanilla)

This pack contains all my work on the Normalmap textures vanilla :


put the folder "textures" in ".../ data "

Or select the desired texture city:

[Bump Riften Vanilla V1]
[Bump Markarth Vanilla V1]
[Bump Solitude Vanilla V1]
[Bump Whiterun Vanilla V1]
[Bump Whiterhold Vanilla V1]

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==Vanilla Bump==

?Yuril Bumpy Cities Pack?
?Bump Riften Vanilla V1?
?Bump Markarth Vanilla V1?
?Bump Solitude Vanilla V1?
?Bump Whiterun Vanilla V1?
?Bump Whiterhold Vanilla V1?

?Bump Snow Vanilla V1?

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?Bump Montains Vanilla V1?


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