Witchhunter Hat mod - replaces Jester hat by Patrick Reece
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Added: 04/01/2012 - 09:58AM
Updated: 04/01/2012 - 10:48AM

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Last updated at 10:48, 4 Jan 2012 Uploaded at 9:58, 4 Jan 2012

Hello, thanks for reading this. This is my first mod, made after a request was posted

on this forum:

The hat currently replaces the jester hat in the game, and I have not replaced the name

or statistics from that - it is purely a cosmetic change.
To install the data, extract the files from the rar into the Data folder. Replace any

existing files.

To uninstall, delete the files:
(Data Folder)\textures\clothes\jester\
(Data Folder)\textures\clothes\jester\
(Data Folder)\meshes\clothes\jester\jesterhatmk_1.nif
(Data Folder)\meshes\clothes\jester\jesterhatmk_0.nif
(Data Folder)\meshes\clothes\jester\jesterhatma_1.nif
(Data Folder)\meshes\clothes\jester\jesterhatmka_0.nif
(Data Folder)\meshes\clothes\jester\jesterhatm_1.nif
(Data Folder)\meshes\clothes\jester\jesterhatm_0.nif
(Data Folder)\meshes\clothes\jester\jesterhatfk_1.nif
(Data Folder)\meshes\clothes\jester\jesterhatfk_0.nif
(Data Folder)\meshes\clothes\jester\jesterhatfa_1.nif
(Data Folder)\meshes\clothes\jester\jesterhatfa_0.nif
(Data Folder)\meshes\clothes\jester\jesterhatf_1.nif
(Data Folder)\meshes\clothes\jester\jesterhatf_0.nif
(Data Folder)\meshes\clothes\jester\jesterhat_go.nif
To get the hat onto your character in game (after installing the files), type in the

console (press tilde ~ or `)

player.additem 000cee72 1

Then just equip the Jester's Hat.
There a couple of small issues that I know about but cannot really fix:

# The version of the hat that appears in the inventory or on the ground is sparkly as

if enchanted... which it is technically, but I did not want it to look like this.

# This version also does not have perfect collision data for flinging around the hat on

the ground.

# There may be hairstyles that clip slightly through the hat.
I welcome comments and bug reports, but I will not necessarily be able to implement improvements and/ or fixes.