Frost Ivy Glade - Solstheim Player Home by SJ
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  • 4x Beds (1 double, 3 single)
  • Crafting stations (smithing, alchemy, enchanting)
  • Various safe, non-respawn storage
  • Tarining dummies/Targets

  • Want some pointers with using Frost Ivy Glade?

    Don’t worry, there are not a lot of points that will keep you here for hours, there is just a few that are important for you to know.
  • Make sure to make a back up of your save game just in case. Why, you wonder, well, it’s to make sure that should there be any problems, it won’t bugger up your save game when you play it later. It’s important to always do this. If you don’t do this – I encourage you start now!
  • It is a requirement to have Skyrim and the Dragonborn DLC for it to work correctly, because you risk your game crashing otherwise. I won’t be making any Vanilla editions.
  • You can find Frost Ivy Glade, just on the coast, close to the Skaal Village on Solstheim.Take a look at the map.
  • When updating, make sure that you take with you any items that have been stored inside and that you are in another cell, otherwise, you may lose your items / you may fall through a floor / or so.
  • You can move your spouses and followers in with the appropriate mods (Spouses Can Live Everywhere and My Home is Your Home) though you are not able to move in your children.
  • File has been cleaned with TES 5 Edit.

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Credits to the following for Frost Ivy Glade (Regular):
InsanitySorrow for the Painting, Towels, Soap, Sofa and Divider, Hour Glass and Crystal Ball resources
Tamira for the Stroti and Rocking Horse and Stroti Pack resources
Blary for the Open Book, Wall Art, Food Container Resources
BrettM for his FPI Experiment Pack resources
Oaristys & Tony67 for the Modders Resource Pack
Darkfox127 for scripting tutorials to setup lights
Additional credits to the following that appear in the screenshots:
Tatsudoshi for the ENBSeries 0.102
SkyrimTuner for RealVision ENB