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Last updated at 10:35, 13 Aug 2014 Uploaded at 3:23, 13 Apr 2014

I would like you to let me use here as a 'Testing Ground'.
This mod adds 4 dungeons for a testing purpose.

== Current status of the progress (12/08/2014) ==

I re-upload the version 1.0.6 as It is because my friend had issues to open the file or to install it.
When I packed the 1st 1.0.6, I might have take it while the CK was still saving the data. I saw the CK finish the save, still in case...
Only difference between 1st and 2nd is that the placement of enemies in 'Smugglers Den' has been a bit different (Adjusted a bit).

I temporarily delete the Youtube link, it does not work well... T_T
It WAS fine... something has changed to Youtube, I suppose.

== Thank you for endorsement, this encourages me ^_^ ==

[ ] Testing purpose
- Advise me the position of lighting, fog, moss, un-movable small clutters.
For the in-game photographers, I want to hear opinions and views on the 'immersion' of my mod, especially on lighting, atmosphere, sound, location of clutters. I want to satisfy the in-game photographers to a certain extent.
- Advise me if you want more crafting spots I noticed that there are lots of people who use immersive mods like 'hungry', 'thirsty', 'cold', 'sleepy' etc. So I want put some immersive crafting spots even during the exploration of a dungeon.

!!! Required Mods: all official DLCs !!!
- Dawnguard
- Dragonborn
- Hearthfire

!!! Delete my mod after each test !!!
I want you to delete this testing mod after the test, because I keep changing the contents of the file for the completion.

!!! Install & Uninstall !!!
- Use the NMM
- Manually put/pull out the main file into your 'Data' folder of Skyrim. Activate/Deactivate the file.
(Only esp file. No bsa files so far)

[ ] Followings are the dungeons I would like to test:
(Map marker is added, still you can check them in Image section)

<Witch Coven>
I am making now... -_-;
Ice cave mixed with 'imperial fort' assets composed of 2 cells.
Located on 'Yngol Barrow' (See the picture in Image Section)
Known issue:

<Smuggler's Den (temporary name)>
Green cave with Dawnguard fort assets composed of 2 cells.
Located on 'Trevas Watch'
Known issue:
- Not placed ambient clutters yet...

<Ancient Dwemer Air Base (temporary name)>
Dwemer ruin mixed with forest composed of 2 cells.
Located on 'Shor's Stone'
Known issue:


<Smuggler's Hideout (temporary name)>
Green cave composed of 1 cell.
Located on 'Sarethil Farm'
Known issue:


Nord Ruin composed of 5 cells.
Located on 'Crystal Drift'
Dungeon is navmeshed and enemies are positioned.
Known issue:
- Special Boss Chamber is now in progress


<Alt Fort Amol>
Imperial fort composed of 2 cells.
Located very near 'Fort Amol'
Dungeon is navmeshed and enemies are positioned.
Known issue:


<Lorkahn's Gate>
Dwemer building composed of 5 cells.
Located on 'Deep Folk Crossing'
Dungeon is navmeshed and enemies are positioned.
Known issue:
- Special Boss Chamber is now in progress


<Fossil Rock (temporary name) >
Nord ruin mixed with fossils composed of 2 cells.
Located on 'Cradle Crush Rock'
Known issue:

[ ] Overall warning:
- This mod uses several locations of 'Skyrim world', so if other mods (you installed) use the same location, there is incompatibility (CTD perhaps).
- Do not try to jump into the water of a large room, I haven't put 'floor' there.
And I will put 'collision plane' for a safety at the time of official release. If you happen to be dropped off, use the console-command 'tcl 1' (collision off) and get back to the ground, and type 'tcl 0' (collision on).
- If you have difficulty in slaying enemies or boss, just use the console-command 'kill' or toggle to the god mode.

[ ] My tasks to be done:

- Place the quest diaries and items
- Place unique bosses
- More optimization on each dungeon, including more enemies, more ambient objects

I am making now... -_-;
Dwemer ruin composed of 2 cells. This is a home-point of this mod, so not a dungeon.
Located on ' I am thinking' (TBD)

<Cave for a fetch quest (temporary name)>
I am making now... -_-; ==> realized as 'Smuggler's Den (trading post)'
Cave composed of 1 cell.
Located on 'Mix watermill' (TBD)

Will be in episode2
Dwemer air-floating garden composed of several cells.
Located on 'Kagrenxel' (TBD)

Thank you for your testing//