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The reason given by the author is: Unfortunately, Interactive Torch Sconces doesn't really work correctly.

While torches were definitely replaceable in torch sconces, Bethesda used light markers instead of actual light-emitting torches to simulate light.

This meant that you could remove a torch from a torch sconce but the light would remain because the torch was not linked to a nearby light marker. Or, worse, nothing would happen because there wasn't a nearby light marker.

Aside from manually placing hundreds of light markers near removable torch sconces, or creating and using a different light-emitting torch mesh and then removing thousands of light markers, there isn't a great way to make this mod possible or even compatible with the many great lighting mods.

It's strange that something so simple was made so nearly impossible to achieve. It would take a team to get this done.

If you think this a project worth resurrecting and you're willing to get involved, send me a message. With enough people, we could parcel out the work.