The butcher set by esfewsf aka Der Truhvanor
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Added: 05/04/2014 - 02:54PM
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The butcher set v.0.1.9

Next update will come when it's done. I'm a bit bussy right now but i'll try to finish the mod soon
-This mod is stiil a beta so be nice.
-This mod was planed for the Steamworkshop but due error 16 i've decidet to upload it here
-Please do not distribute without my permission.
-I'm german so my english isn't the best.
-Maybe some one else allready had this idea for a mod but i didn't use other mods to create this one.

At the moment you can find some items in a barrel outside of whiterun. In the water near the stables.
Or you can craft all the stuff at a forge (exept the claws).

This mod gives you the opportunity to use most miscellaneous items (and some other items/models) as a weapon. These Weapons often aren't strong but it's funny to kill somebody with a fork or a pot.
It's also featuring crafting and tempering recipes.


At the moment this mod features following content:
Because the count of items is to big to list them all up here i've uploaded a picture of my dev list with all available and planed items

-All listed and blue marked items on the picture are fully available
-A Giant Camp for a specific weapon
-A Draugr Deathlord with a special shield (sadly i don't remember in which dungeon i placed him)


-New items will follow [scheduled updates every friday]
-A list of planned items suggested by some friends of mine
Skyrim latest version
1. way (recommended) Use NMM
2. way extract archive into Skyrim/data

If you are experiencing bugs in the game or the installation doesn't work properly please contact me, i'll give my best to fix it.

If you have any cool ideas for other things you can kill with just let me know (please post it into the forum "item wishlist") and i'll give my best to make it possible. The item will probably come with one of the next updates. (7-14 days)

It would be awesome if you could give me some feedback and a rating

esfewsf aka Der-Truhvanor