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Aura of Tranquility

Aura of Tranquility gives you a chance to roam the world of Skyrim with a breath of fresh air. The concept is simple but it makes a drastic impact on gameplay. You are free to wander even the most dangerous campsites, mountain creeks and dungeons. Perfect for pacifists, mod developers and anyone who just wish to travel for scenery!

Balanced for players and modders
The magic can be activated by different methods of various effectivity. You can choose from enchanted items, scrolls, magic spells and the Dovahkiin Voice a lore-friendly power that suits your playstyle. If you want to test out mods without interruptions from local fauna and habitants, the Dovahkiin Voice is overpowered for your convenience. You can find it in High Hrothgar.

Scrolls are a powerful way to harness magic for non-mages, and they can be bought from alchemists and found in a few locations across Tamriel.

Scroll of Benign Tranquility
Pacifies animals and giants, but not trolls or spiders. You will receive one such scroll from Danica, if you agree to help her to revive the Gildergreen tree.

Scroll of Equilibrant Tranquility
Living humanoids cease to fight. This can be most easily bought from Belethor once you level up just a bit.

You are free to refrain from violence. You are free to refrain from mindless killing.

You are NOT free, however, to inflict unwarranted damage to others.

Four spells for druids and mages! Spells are relatively short lived, and do not affect npc until at master level. The tomes appear on leveled lists for all illusion mages.

Aura of Mundus Tranquility (apprentice)
Tranquilises animals and giants.

Aura of Corpus Tranquility (adept)
Tranquilises undead creatures.

Aura of Dwemer Tranquility (expert)
Tranquilises Dwemer creatures.

Aura of Exalted Tranquility (master)
Tranquilises all beings but dragons.

Enchanted items

Circlet of Meridian Tranquility
Meridia offers you a circlet to help you put the undead to rest.
The circlet affects only the undead. With this item, a novice journeyman can delve into Bleak Falls Barrow and retrieve the Golden Claw and Dragonstone.
After beta the item will be a bit harder to reach.

Amulet of Eminent Tranquility
You are able to find this amulet with this enchantment at Lover's Stone.
All npcs except undead vampires and daedra become tranquil.

Voice of Dovahkiin Tranquility
Use your Dragonborn ability to calm all beings for 24 hours.
The tome can be found inside High Hrothgar, placed on a table.


SKSE version 1.7 (alpha) is required.
Version 1.6 may work, but probably will behave unexpectedly. Please, upgrade.

Ultimate Assortment by FavoredSoul
To get the excellent Arwen's Evenstar model for the Amulet of Eminent Tranquility, you absolutely must download and activate FavoredSoul's exquisite Ultimate Assortment mod. Its assets will be dynamically detected and used for the amulet with the help of SKSE. All of the items in the mod are unique and available from Belethor's General Goods store in Whiterun. Download and endorse! You will not be disappointed.


KDCirclets Redone by zzjay and harokyang
zzjay has generously permitted the use of the circle assets, and the Circlet of Meridia uses a model from there. I slightly adjusted the model in NifSkope and created a new glow map. Thank you zzjay for this beautiful circlet.