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Death Mountain 2 -Trailer-

More info: ObliSan Team: Death Mountain 2

Clarify that the attachment is the trailer to the continues of the adventure, the mod will be coming soon,

Future Mod for Skyrim, conducted by the Team ObliSan
for more information, followed in this Web:

ObliSan Team Blog
ObliSan Team Web

you can see it on youtube:

Death Mountain 2 is the sequel and continuation of the story told in the first part of Death Mountain title which is available in nexus at the following link:

Mod Death Mountain First Part

In this new installment will travel to new worlds to fight the evil that looms over Skyrim and its people, regions of extreme danger populated of emenies very high level as the previous release.

The Mod design is balanced for high level characters, can you play with low level characters? : Yes, but the difficulty will be excessive,!

The Mod will have a large number of followers, specially designed to meet the epic battles that we will find our way, with Dragons and Army Daedras, strategy and our experience in the game will be desicive for them to be victorious.

We will have several buildings for the player on the floor of Skyrim that will have everything you need for our adventure, they will be our point of junction with the five worlds created and designed especially for this mod, which will be an ordeal victorious in them.

But that depends on the player and wants to venture into this new adventure.

A mod with a huge wingspan more than a year of dedication and will soon enter beta testing phase, so there are still months of work to carry through this adventure.

Thank the members of Nexus and Team ObliSan webs, your comments and words of encouragement in my previous project Death Mountain and it is thanks to them that today this future and last project to be a reality.

Thanks very much

Only players who want test your skill level.

Adventure is served, you be able to cross their doors?, You be able to get out alive?.

Coming soon

The Oblisan Team working alone for a reason, and you only have one wish, That you like.