The Honored Dead by JakeOberg
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Last updated at 18:20, 19 Aug 2014 Uploaded at 3:28, 25 Mar 2014

-----Check out myDark dungeons immersion mod if you want-----


This mod adds many encounters and reminders that you are in a province plagued by war. While you are traveling you will encounter many reminders of war and carnage.

You will encounter groups of dead men that were fighting for their ideals. The mod adds spots of carnage with lots of loot and tells a story of how the men died. I find this to be immersive because in vanilla Skyrim you could go the whole game without even thinking about the civil war. Much loot is to be found at these sights.

-Touring carriages ( or any carriage mods/optional file Fixes this)
-Tell me if you found any conflicting mods!!!

Civil War Enhancment-Guarded Borders

-v 1.0.0 -Original release
-v 1.0.1 -New locations (comment based enhancements)
-v 1.0.2- New locations- immersive field orders-soldier notes-more enchanted weapons used by soldiers-immersive body dispose tactics (as in v- 1.0.1)
-v 1.0.3 -Small fixes and couple more locations
-v 1.0.3 -OPTIONAL- removes statics conflicting with touring carriages ect

-v 1.04-1.0.5 -adds new locations and merges touring carriages fix with main file

-Extract files
-add to Skyrim data folder
Nexus MM
-Download dat stuff brohan