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Birdie: The Bird Follower

THREE little birds, Fluffy, Chirpie and Birdie, lived in a beautiful
nest hung high among the branches of an old oak tree. The father and
mother birds were kept very busy every day gathering food for the hungry
little mouths that always flew wide open whenever the parent birds came near.
Day by day they grew until they were large enough to take their first trip out
of the nest. First, they hopped to the edge of the nest, then to the nearest branch,
and as they grew stronger they would hop from twig to twig.
At last the mother said:
"Now, birdies, it is time for you to fly down and eat sand." Fluffy and Chirpie flew
down and began eating sand, but Birdie said:
"I can't fly; and I don't like sand anyway."
"Oh, but you must eat sand," said his mother. "Birds have no teeth with which to
grind their food, so we must eat sand that it may grind up the food that we eat,
such as bugs, worms and seeds. Come, you must eat sand if you would become strong.
" But Birdie only cried the louder: "I can't fly, and I don't like sand!"
Then the mother went to her and pushed her out of the nest, and she spread his wings
and flew to the ground.
"Eat sand and grow strong," said Chirpie. "How do you know you don't like it
if you won't taste it?" But foolish Birdie only said: " I won't eat sand!"
Now, the mother bird had promised that when they had grown strong they should go
to the meadow. So one spring morning she told them they might go, though she feared
Birdie was not strong enough to go so far. They flew over the fence and through
the orchard, and by this time Chirpie and Fluffy were far ahead. Birdie was being left behind.
She called loudly: "Wait! wait!" but they were already too far away to hear.
Birdie was all alone She wanders all around in search for her mother but didn't find her mother.
She had learnt a lesson for not following her mother.And now She decided that She would become stronger and follows whoever who is stronger and loyal.
Are you strong and loyal enough to lead the Birdie?


This mod adds a fully Animated Bird Follower named Birdie to the Game.

You can find her outside the Alchemist's Shack.

She can't take Your Follower or animal follower slot so you can always free to add an extra follower.

She can lead you to all major holds.

She sits near Player or Sometimes on Player head when Player sits.

She can carry your items.

She Can follow your order just like any other follower.

While following you she keeps singing a song.

Skyrim and some imagination.

In first person view sometimes she become invisible.if this happens just move your mouse and she becomes visible.
I recommend while talking to her go in third person view.
While sitting on player head she sometimes just slips down and sit in air.

Thanks for Cornmango for beautiful video