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The Werd:
Map Markers of all Shout Word Wall Locations (Vanilla) and Masks.

No DLCs are required for Vanilla users.
Directions for DG DLC Shouts are given in the TheWerdReadMe for those that have DG.

The Werd Book:
Details of all Vanilla Shouts and associated quests. Also Mask Information.
The Werd Book is located on the Riverwood Bridge. (See image)
The Werd Book does not respawn so if you misplace it you can use the console to get another one.
Open console:
` (the tilde key above the Tab key)
Help werd
You should see the book name and the number you need.
Player.additem numberfromabove 1
The 1 at the end says you want only 1 book.

Some Map Markers are close to combat areas so be careful when porting so you don't die a split second after landing (I love the challenge), others not so much, pan around and you will see your obvious destination.

Note: There is only one marker at Labyrinthian, but two shouts there. Go to the Maze to get the Word Wall there (it is on the back wall). The other is in Labyrinthian dungeon during Mage Quest.

Also, the mound close to the Maze is where you can pickup the Wooden Mask at the skelly. Equip the Wooden Mask while in the mound and you will be ported to the Mask room where you can put your Masks and other items. Once you get all the Masks and place them here you will get the final Mask. This is also a safe storage area with multiple containers if you want to use it as a storage base. The Wooden Mask is a "key" that opens that Mask room, it will only work in that mound. But you can always use the Labyrinthian Map Marker to get there anytime you like. Just unequip wooden mask to leave the room.

This small mod contains just map markers and the book. It is compatible with all mods and any load order and has been run through Tes5edit and is clean.

The Werd has been on Steam and has been working with no errors or problems. All content is default Skyrim files. Endorsing is uplifting and healthy :D