Breezehome Redecorated Plus Basement by bGRoman
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Added: 23/03/2014 - 06:31PM
Updated: 03/04/2014 - 08:29PM

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Last updated at 20:29, 3 Apr 2014 Uploaded at 18:31, 23 Mar 2014

Slightly edits Breezehome to be more to my liking, as well as adding a new basement featuring a bathing area, laundry, and enchanting and alchemy stations with quite a bit of custom resources.

The cooking spit is now down in the basement in the patch 1.4 beta.

Make sure that you purchase all of Breezehome's Upgrades and the childrens' room before you load the Breezehome cell unless you want lots of clutter falling down, and floating items everywhere.

If you're looking to adopt a child do this; Grab any items you have manually put in the basement or upstairs chest, disable the mod, then tell the child you want to adopt that you want to adopt them, go in the house go through the dialogue of that and pick up all the clutter lying around. Save & Exit and re-enable the mod, and the child should act as normal outside of being unable to sleep during the night, and I am looking for a fix for it.

Resources Used:
Insanity's Bath Towels, Window Boxes, Sofas and Chairs, Chessboard, Washing Stuffs, Soap, Paintings
Tamira's Antique Statue
Horrorview's Sexy Windhelm wall, and floor textures.

All of these except Horrorview's Sexy Windhelm can be found at:

Horrorview's Sexy Windhelm:

Big thanks to Insanity, Tamira, and Horrorview for their great modders' resources.