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Mod Info:

After thoroughly beating a Bethesda game a few times, I often start making OP characters so I can start the game at high levels and breeze through the parts I'm sick of.

This usually means that I spend like 20 minutes at the beginning of a game making "double crafting" gear (making gear that buffs crafting and enchanting then using that gear to make gear that buffs crafting and enchanting). Eventually I realized: "I should just do this once in the GECK."

So I did.

Here is a set of massively overpowered armor that will allow you to make any craftable/enchantable item in the game into your own custom "god items" to fit any character's style.


Main mod is in a chest marked GECK near the steps of the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood (see pictures).

The Kitmaker's Gear alternate version is in a different chest on the other side of the same steps.


The main CraftMeister Gear buffs all crafting skills by 1000 and has two versions:
  • One without an amulet (still has all armor and ring) that requires NO DLC.
  • One with an East Empire Company Amulet that REQUIRES DRAGONBORN.
DO NOT USE BOTH. You honestly don't really need the amulet anyway but I love the look of that one so I wear it with regular armor and still have insane crafting :)

The Kitmaker's Gear alternate version is way less overpowered (+100 instead of +1000) and comes in a "modular" form; meaning each of the 4 pieces buffs one skill rather than all four pieces buffing all four skills.While less overpowered, this gear also adds THREE SUPER USEFUL NEW ENCHANTMENTS:
+100 to One Handed, Two Handed, and Archery
+100 to Barter, Pickpocketing, and Lockpicking
+100 to Alchemy, Enchanting, and Smithing

These are all disenchantable so you can make OP but non immersion breaking gear of your own to suit a character build. This set IS compatible with either version of the main CraftMeister Gear.

You can also combine this mod with ProgmanX's excellent mod Enchanting Freedom and/or any of the extra effect mods that let you go beyond 2 enchantments.


As far as I know this mod should not conflict with any enchanting or crafting mods but the numbers involved in calculating damage and other combat variables can get strange. This isn't caused by this mod, just anything that allows the game to make "impossible dice rolls" when calculating things. An example of this is the final battle with Miraak where doing too much damage too quickly breaks the fight. Or when a brawl quest screws up because you knocked someone out with one punch.

Known Issues/Bugs:

  • DO NOT use this armor to apply an enchantment that boosts your speedmult! This will likely cause you to run faster than the game can process... straight into a CTD.
  • MAY conflict with SkyRe and cause speedmult issues even with the base armor from this mod.
  • Some specific mod, DLC, and unique items may not be impacted by this mod. If you see an item that ends up at significantly lower levels it is as high as it can get (potions might increase it a bit further).
  • It is possible to create "double crafting" gear WITH THIS gear, but the point is moot once you realize how high the levels are that this gear gets you.
  • The "0-" Prefix on the CraftMeister Gear is something I use when crafting to make my good stuff appear at the top of my inventory list. If this really annoys anyone let me know and I'll remove it.

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