Aqua Breeze lvl 81 Rogue Thief Assassin by giower
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Aqua Breeze is a WoodElf, she was born in Valenwood, but never liked to obey rules, she began to steal and got addicted to the thrill, people soon realized and she was forced to leave to Cyrodill.
There the guards catched her pickpocketing and sent the thief to jail. But it wasnt the end, she escaped, and gone north with hopes of wealth in Skyrim...

Quests progress:
Main Quest Bleak Falls Barrow
Thieves Guild Scoundrels Folly
Companions Trouble in Skyrim
Dark Brotherhood Not started
College of Winterhold Not started
Civil War Not started

Recommended mods but not needed:
Female Press Out The Wrinkles and Forehead v3
Stealthy Dragonscale Armor
Accented Nightingale Armor

The eyes I made myself.

PS: Sorry for my bad english x.x