Rorikstead Estate (Hearthfire's multi adoption mod compatible) by Gerheardt
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Rorikstead Estate
A long time ago, at the foundation of Rorikstead, a small house have been built for future farmers. The newcommers to the town finally built their own houses, letting the Rorikstead Estate deserted. Luckily, the town of Rorikstead let anywone live in it. The dragonborn is obviously tempted by the opportunity...

The house is Hearthfire's multi adoption mod compatible,countains some decorations and:

1st floor:

-Fireplace with cooking device
-A long table with some food on it
-2 Wardrobes
-Alchemy lab
-A chair and a small table in front of the fireplace
-A safe chest

2nd floor:

-Double bed
-Wardrobe and small furnitures
-A safe
-Display case
-2 Mannequins
-Enchanting table
-A fireplace with a chair in front of it


-A complete forge (Anvil, smelter, tanning rack, grindstone, workbench, woodcutting block and a chest for storage of ingots and other)
-An empty stable
-A spa/pool


-2 Mannequins
-Display case
-2 Chairs
-6 Children bed
-2 Practice dummies
-6 Children chests
-Few wardrobes


This mod is final. Some bugs or imperfections may be there but the latest version is stable. I work on other mods and i
won't work on this one anymore.


The compatibility with Hearthfire Multi Adoption Mod is almost entirely the work of Noxide. Thank you very much for your help!