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Hello, hope you enjoy the voice pack ( I am going to release alot).
These are recorded in such a way, that simple quests can be made.
All files are numbered and described for easy quest set up.

Here is a made up quesiton using these voice files.

npc: (1) Hello There
player : Heard any rumours?
Npc (11) Ive got my own problems...
player: do you need anything?
NPC: (18) No, everythings fine.

Quest log updated - `find out what NPC name's problem is,'
Pickpocket a note and find out what his issue is, go on a quest and kill his vampire lover.

Everytime you see him around town:
NPC: (20) Get away from me!

Below is the text from the read me:
NPC / Male / Intro
1. - Hello There
2. - Hey... I know you!
3. - Stay out of trouble.
4. - yeah?

NPC/ Male / Conversation:

Q: - Do You Sell Anything?
Reply 1 - Yea, a bit of this, bit of that.
reply 2 - Well I am a blacksmith
reply 3 - Spells, scrolls and knowledge
reply 4 - No, what do I look like?

Q: - Heard any rumours?
reply 1 - you might want to see the tavern keeper.
reply 2 - The town has been quite latley
reply 3 - Im sorry, but... Ive got my own problems.

Q: - What do you do in town?
reply 1 - Me, Im a nobody.
reply 2 - I happen to be the towns best blacksmith.
reply 3 - Town mage, I keep trouble out.
reply 4 - I run the tavern.

Q: - Do you need any help?
reply 1 - really, You'd help me?
reply 2 - here take this.
reply 3 - No, everythings fine.

1- Thanks for the help.
2- Get Away from me.
3- Nice to see a friendly face.