Shoot axes out of your hand _or now chickens_ by Vandorin
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Added: 03/01/2012 - 02:28PM
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Last updated at 20:59, 3 Jan 2012 Uploaded at 14:28, 3 Jan 2012

Think your better than me, eh Dovahkiin? WELL YOU ARE, with this mod, you are now able to shoot axes out of your hand, no longer should you waste your energy swinging a weapon to smite your foes. This will enable you to take down any enemy, with a soaring axe to the face.

Simply extract the data folder into your already existing one.

The names of the 4 spells are (vandorins war axe)
so open up the console after extracting, and type

help vandorin 0

and then use the command

player.addspell xxxxxxx

Enjoy Dovahkiin.

Edit: Due to a request, I'm adding an extra file that lets you shoot chickens, you can have either 1 or the other, but they do not work together!