Riverview Manor by BKnight
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Organized rooms

Little Clutter

Named Storage

Secret Armory

Follower friendly

Quest Item Storage


A house on the lake under and to the left of Riverwood
In the bedroom is a safe, put some items in it, and it will show up in the designated displays around the room. (eg. Dragon Priest masks)

Featured items around room.
Bug Jars
Dragon Claws (incl. Dragonborn versions)
Dragon Priest Masks (incl. Dragonborn versions)
Thieves Guild Trophies (Includes Crown of Barenziah, -> Note)
Divine Amulets
Hold Guard's Shields
Paragons (Dawnguard only)
Elder Scrolls (Dawnguard only, -> Note)
Black Books (Dragonborn only)
Many Unique Items (e.g. all Daedric Artifacts)
Many "Oddity"-Items (Unique Misc Items)

This is my first ever mod.
Please Enjoy and post a comment if you find any issues.
There will probably be errors because this is my first house mod and I don't know if I did everything perfectly.