Ainis Oriental Gown and Hood by Ainiwaffles
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Hi there this is my first Skyrim Mod, I literally attacked the Forsworn Body Piece without knowing what I'm doing and ended up with this. It has a few issues (Some gold doesn't light up when in light for some reason and the right lower part on her hips is invisible)

If you need any help or have any questions or requests
please feel free to contact me!


How to install:
Extract the zip file to the Skyrim/Data folder.

How to obtain:
Body Piece
You can find the Forsworn Armor on the Forsworn near Markarth

The hat is a drop from any Dragon Priest
For example, you kill one doing the Winterhold Magic Academy Quest line,

To get the armor do this:
use the tilde key ~
type in:
player.additem 000D8D50 1

Simply delete these files:

For the Forsworn Body Piece

For the Marukai Hood


Please feel free to modify!
Just message me with what changes/pictures you made with this as I'd love to see those! <3

Feel Free to check out my other work and pictures at: