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Modifies Breezehome, Hjerim, Honeyside, Proudspire Manor and Vlindrel Hall. Adds realistic lighting (dependent on which lighting mod you're using), the placement of furniture and objects is more logical and also fixes some player home issues along the way.

This mod replaces the cowboy decorators and hires a team to redecorate your homes. They remove some of the ugly fires, who needs a massive bonfire or a campfire in the lounge? They remove some of the food so there's not a banquet in every room. Really, who has a gourd in the bedroom for Arkay's sake? They add a few useful containers where you need them, replace some ugly floors and walls and generally get to tidying up around the place.

Images taken with Realistic Lighting Overhaul installed.

Note: If you already have player homes installed and only want selected ones from this mod you can remove them with TES5Edit (see Removal of Homes below).


Version 1.15

Three player homes did not show lightning or the sound of thunder, that's now fixed.


Version 1.14

All remaining navmeshes under mannequins edited to stop them moving.
Issue with Hjerim light in main bedroom fixed.
Added some more idle markers.
Blacked out Hjerim front door backing.
Few other tiny fixes here and there.


Version 1.13

Reworks two fires, one in Breezehome and the other in Proudspire to look more believable, brighter and to cast better shadows (see new images).


Version 1.12:

Fixes Honeyside mannequins.
Fixes several shadow casting lights in Vlindrel Hall and Honeyside.
Removes global change to a fire shadow casting light.
Fixes a few other random annoyances.


Version 1.11:

Fixes Breezehome weapon rack (right of the main door). If you have installed this mod before take weapons from the rack or you may either lose them or break the rack.

Also made changes to Proudspire seating area, brightened the shadow casting light, fixed ugly shadows, replaced windows etc. Plus a load of other tweaks.



Hearthfires DLC



New Game

1) Place Player Home Mods.esp into your Skyrim data directory folder.
2) Set the load order (see load order below).

If You Own Player Homes

1) Place Player Home Mods.esp into your Skyrim data directory folder.
2) Set the load order (see load order below).
3) Load Skyrim and open saved game.
4) Open the console via the "~" key then type "TGM" in console to toggle god mode on/off.
5) Take all your possessions from your player homes, weapon racks, bookshelves, containers etc.
6) Go outside of player home and into the another building other than a player home.
7) Open the console via the "~" key then type "PCB" (Purge Cell Buffer), hit enter.
8) Type (without quotes and depending on which home/s you have already brought and used)...
"resetinterior WhiterunBreezehome" hit enter.
"resetinterior MarkarthVlindrelHall" hit enter.
"resetinterior WindhelmHjerim" hit enter.
"resetinterior SolitudeProudspireManor" hit enter.
"resetinterior RiftenHoneyside" hit enter.
9) Save game.
10) Exit Skyrim.
11) Restart Skyrim.


Lighting Mod Compatibility (Important)

This mod is intended to be used with Realistic Lighting Overhaul installed as the lighting has been modelled with this in mind but can be used without.

As this mod places as many lights at light sources as possible, using a torch or light spell may cause lighting of textures to switch off in these areas. If you use this mod with a lighting mod that replaces or changes the player home cell lighting, you may have to remove those edits from your lighting mod with TES5Edit and place this mod after your lighting mod in your load order. If you do not take out the lighting cell edits you will have too many lights for the Skyrim engine to handle.

Cells to remove from your lighting mod:

FormID / Cell

Block 0 Sub-Block 6
"000165A8" "WhiterunBreezehome" "Breezehome"

Block 0 Sub-Block 9
"00016DFA" "MarkarthVlindrelHall" "Vlindrel Hall"

Block 4 Sub-Block 2
"00016778" "WindhelmHjerim" "Hjerim"

Block 8 Sub-Block 7
"00016A06" "SolitudeProudspireManor* "Proudspire Manor"

Block 9 Sub-Block 4
"00016BDD" "RiftenHoneyside" "Honeyside"


Removal of Homes

To pick and choose which homes you want from my mod all you have to do is use TES5Edit to remove the cells from my mod.

1) Load up TES5Edit.
2) Right click "Select None".
3) Select "Realistic Lighting Overhaul - Player Home Mods"
4) Under Form ID open "Realistic Lighting Overhaul - Player Home Mods" and open cells.
5) Delete any of the cells from my mod.
6) Close TES5Edit and it will ask you to save.


Bugs and Stuff

Warning: Vlindrel Hall weapon display cases and two weapon racks next to the enchanting workbench may cause problems and 'break' and therefore need to be used with caution until I fix them.

If Hjerim doesn't clean up properly and you have blood splatter or duplicate furniture use HjerimCleanup.txt file included in download.

1) Place HjerimCleanup.txt into your Skyrim folder (...Steam/SteamApps/common/Skyrim).
2) Load Skyrim and open saved game.
3) Open the console via the "~" key then type "Bat HjerimCleanup"

Proudspire Manor: Exiting by the basement door sometimes knocks basket with empty bottles and/or lanterns on shelf over in adjacent guest bedroom.

Vlindrel Hall: Alchemy/Child bedroom doors sometimes disappear when standing between door jambs.

Several lights cannot be totally eliminated from throwing up nasty shadows or lines. Not much I can do about this. Sometimes whatever you do you can't hide the issues with shadow casting lights.


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