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Last updated at 18:07, 14 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 4:22, 3 Jan 2012

TESV- Skyrim

Spells Expanded


Author: vf501


Spell expansion mod that will add several new spells
to the game that fit the lore and flavor of Skyrim.
Including spells missing that were in TESIV Oblivion,
and new spells for Crowd Control and other utilities.

Spell Tomes will be available from multiple vendors,
in a manner that suits the game pacing and the vendor's


Added Spells;

Snap Freeze -Freeze one target for 10sec, 2dmg/sec
Ice Wave -Freeze one target for 15sec, 4dmg/sec
Shove -Stagger one Target
Bolt of Force -Send one target flying
Wall of Force -Send multiple targets flying
Conjure Spectral Bear -Summons a Spectral Bear
Conjure Spectral Sabre Cate -Summons a Spectral Sabre Cat
Conjure Spectral Steed -Summons a Ridable Horse*
Conjure Skeleton -Classic from Oblivion
Bound Heavy Armor -Conjures a set of heavy armor*
Bound Arrows -Bound Arrows for 5min
Balance -Drain your stamina to restore magicka
AbsorbMagicka -Drain enemy magicka to restore yours
Freeze Rune -RUNE AOE Trigger, Freeze all hit for 30sec
Force Rune -RUNE AOE Trigger, Sends all hit flying
Ointment of Aetherius -Cure Disease and Poison
Mystic Dagger -50pts Non-Elemental Damage*
Aegis of Mara -Resist Fire, Frost, Shock 85% for 15sec
Elemental Resist -Resist Fire, Frost, Shock 50% for 15sec


RiverwoodTrader- only a few
Sybille Stentor -Solitude
Farengar- Whiterun
Calcemo- Markarth
Wuuthern- Windhelm
Wylandriah- Riften

Copy data folder to Skyrim Folder

X:\\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steamapps\Common\skyrim

Known Bugs

Mystic Dagger impact effect does not persist (think Ice Spike)
Mystic Dagger can cause random CTD (based on user reports)
Summon Steed currently has no real hardlimit, dont summon too many
BoundArmor -Previously worn clothing/armor is not re-equipped on effect end


(Learning how effects work right now)
Art assets for upcomming summons/spells
New Impact Effects and Spell Effects

Dave Humphrey- SkyEdit (wonderful program)