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*Only download one of the files, ONLY ONE!
*Both of the InformativeShrineMessages (v.1 & v.2) are the same but v.2 adds a small change, ONLY PICK ONE!...please


Informative Shrine Notifications adds small but helpful messages when activating a shrine to see the effects which the shrine adds. I've tried to keep this mods as lore-friendly and immersive as possible, meaning you wont see the exact numbers of the shrine effect but a basic idea, check out the screenshots if I'm just confusing you with my words. Also first mod ever made *happy kid noises*, so go easy on me.

The Shrine Notifications:

First Release (v.1)
Akatosh: Praying to the shrine of Akatosh seems to increase my Magica Regeneration.
Arkay: Praying to the shrine of Arkay seems to increase my Health.
Dibella: Praying to the shrine of Dibella seems to increase my influence around people.
Julianos: Praying to the shrine of Julianos seems to increase my Magica.
Kynareth: Praying to the shrine of Kynareth seems to increase my Endurance.
Mara: Praying to the shrine of Mara seems to increase my effectiveness of Healing Spells.
Stendarr: Praying to the shrine of Stendarr seems to increase my Blocking Skills.
Talos: Praying to the shrine of Talos seems to reduce the time between Shouting.
Zenithar: Praying to the shrine of Zenithar seems to improve my Haggling.

Immersive Update (v.2)
Akatosh: Come to me, Akatosh, for without you, my mind would be weak and feeble, my heart corrupted and my strength exhausted.
Arkay: Come to me, Arkay, for without you, my existence would be meaningless, it is you who brought every man and women into the world and it is your right to decide ones circle of life and death.
Dibella: Come to me, Dibella, for without you, my words must lie dull and leaden without the gilding of grace to enchant the reader's ear and eye.
Julianos: Come to me, Julianos, for without you, my wit is weak to sort the wheat from the chaff, and my eyes should neither know the true from the false, nor sense from folly, nor justice from prejudice and interest.
Kynareth: Come to me, Kynareth, for without you, I might not know the mysteries of the world, and so blind and in terror, I might consume and profane the abundance of your beautiful treasures.
Mara: Come to me, Mara, for without you, I might forget the ways of our fathers, and preening by the light of latest fashion, my words might tremble like the thin reeds of novelty in the tempest of enthusiasms.
Stendarr: Come to me, Stendarr, for without you, I might be deaf to the manswarm murmurings of thy people, and forgetting their need for comfort and wisdom, I might indulge myself in vain scribbling.
Talos: Come to me, Talos, for without you, my empire will crumble, my land destroyed and my life shattered by the forces of evil.
Zenithar: Come to me, Zenithar, for without you, like a child, I might fiddle and fret when only through struggle and labor may I craft a work worthy of your name and the name of my patron.

First Release Update (v.2.6)
Same as First Release (v.1) but changes "seems to" to "will".

Change Log:

- Changes "seems to" to "will"

- Added Immersive Notifications

- First Release


Feel free to leave a message and/or a post if anything displeases you, if you feel that something should be rephrased differently just give a holler. One more thing, I enjoy messing around making mods once in a while but I wouldn't call myself a modder, so if you wish something crazy to added with to my mod, I cant promise I would be able to add it, that being said I will try my best :)

DLC & Mod Support:

I have't included any shrines from any of the DLCs, but if there is a certain demand for them I will add shrines from DLCs. As for mods, I believe any vanilla shrines added in the mod will be effectd by my mod, but if not let me know and I'll try to add support for different mods.


NMM - Simply click Download (NMM) and you should be ready to go, just don't forget to activate the mod in your Skyrim Data Files.

Manual w/NMM - Click Download (Manual) and look for my file and click Manual Download. Once the files are in your computer go into NMM and click Add Mod from Files and select my or any other mod you want to add.

Hardcore Manual - Click Download (Manual) then click Manual Download under my file and copy the content from my mods to your Skyrim Directory folder, which is usually located at Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/Skyrim/Data.


I see how it... anyway to uninstall the mod, remove all files from the mods, juts in case you forget its InformativeShrineMessages.esp

Permission & Such Shenanigans:

Feel free to re-upload the mod anywhere else and make translations just send me a message about the details of your actions first.

Giving Credit where Credit is Due:

Bethesda - Making an awesome game which still thrives in the community and hearts of many people.
Creation Kit - Giving me the tool to make this mod.