Informative Shrine Notifications by Zexuis
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Added: 10/03/2014 - 01:18AM
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Informative Shrine Notifications

- Description -

Informative Shrine Notifications adds small but helpful messages when activating a shrine to see the effects which the shrine adds.

There are 2 versions to the mod, chose the one you prefer more.

- Feedback -

Feel free to leave a post if anything displeases you, also I enjoy messing around making mods once in a while but I wouldn't call myself a modder so that being said if there is a problem with the mod I will try my best to correct it but no promises.

- Requirements/ Compatibility -

Requires the latest version of Skyrim

This mod should be compatible with almost any mod out there unless it edits and/or adds anything that opens up an menu when activating a shrine.

- Installing -

Nexus Mod Manager
Simply click Download (NMM) and you should be ready to go, just don't forget to activate the mod in your Skyrim Data Files.

Click Download (Manual) then click Manual Download under my file and copy the content from my mods to your Skyrim Directory folder, which is usually located at Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/Skyrim/Data.

- Uninstalling -

Simply delete the esp from your data folder or uninstall the mod from the Nexus Mod Manager.

- Permission -

Feel free to re-upload the mod anywhere else and make translations just send me a message about the details of your actions first.