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Valdacil's Light Armor Robes by Valdacil
v4.00 - 2012-01-21

I really dislike being restricted to a certain look merely because it has the best stats. What if I want to gain
the benefit of light armor but have the look of a robe? What if I want to gain the benefits of upgrading to
dragon scale, but really like the look of glass (because of some awesome retexture mod I've installed)? Why can I
constantly upgrade to a new look from 1-30ish; but once I hit 100 smithing I'm stuck wearing dragon scale the rest
of the game?

This is my first mod (hopefully in a series) that will work to correct this.

What does this mod do?
This mod makes 'light armor' versions of many different robes craftable and upgradable (just like light armor) at
the forge and workbench. So you can gain the benefits of leather armor (for instance), but have the look of a robe.
Additionally, you can recover a portion of the materials back if you want to 'recycle' the robe and make a different
styled version.

Lore Explanation
If you say that smithing robes that provide armor benefits doesn't make sense I would argue that these pieces are
potentially cloth sewn over the top of the armor. So in theory the character is wearing the actual armor, but has
'covered it up' with the robe. In that way, you are still gaining the benefit of the armor, it's just hidden like
Frodo's mithril shirt. :)

Only the standard color robes and hoods are unlocked to a beginning character. In order to craft robes specific to
various factions you must learn more about that faction (join them). When you are a fledgeling member of the faction
crafting options may be limited, but you will learn more recipes as you advance.

I have plans to add more robes, so keep checking back as this project expands. (See list below)

The required inputs match the base armor (Leather Robes require 4 Leather, 3 Leather Strips) plus a Bolt of Cloth
which can be crafted at the tanning bench with 5 Tundra cotton.

I have not added these robes to the leveled loot tables, so you can only get them through smithing. The reason I left
them out of leveled loot is to prevent cases where you see an enemy and think "He's wearing a robe, must be a weak
caster", only to find that its a glass version of that robe and the enemy is a lot tougher than you think.

I also tweaked all of the hoods that I've added to allow equipping a circlet with the hood. This may cause clipping
problems between the hood and the circlet. Additionally, some might consider this unbalanced since you are gaining
benefits of an enchantment on the hood and the circlet. I would argue that a helmet is tight fitting and doesn't
offer enough room for a circlet; but a circlet could fit comfortably beneath a hood. Use at your own discretion.

- With NMM: Download with Manager and activate.
- Without NMM: Download then extract the Data folder to your Skyrim folder
ie: C:\Program Files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\. Then in the Skyrim launcher select "Data Files"
and select Valdacil's Light Armor Robes.esp to activate it.

WARNING: Any items crafted by the new recipes (including the Bolt of Cloth) will disappear when this mod is removed.
Be sure to breakdown any items crafted by this mod back into components before removing this mod.
- With NMM: Deactive the mod.
- Without NMM: Delete "Valdacil's Light Armored Robes.esp" from your Skyrim Data folder
ie: C:\Program Files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data.

Because the Light Armor Robes are all new ObjectIDs with their own forge, workbench, smelter, and tanning bench recipes
there should be no known conflicts with other mods.

Known Issues
Hooded robes use chest and helm slots and cannot be equipped with a standard helm. A "hidden" helm has been included
as a recipe to allow equipping of a 'helm' for the purpose of the additional armor slot and for the light armor perks.
This "hidden" helm uses the crown slot and could be exploited by equipping a normal helm AND the "hidden" helm to
gain the armor rating from both. Use or don't use at your own discretion.

Version Notes
- Added Greybeard Robe, Hood, Boots
- Added Hammerfell Outfit, Hood, Boots (non-DB)
- Added Monk Robe (hooded and non-hooded)
- Added Mythic Dawn Robe (hooded and non-hooded), Gloves, Boots
- Added Necromancer Robe (hooded and non-hooded)
- Added Sheogorath Outfit and Boots

- Added recipe for Bolt of Cloth using 5x Tundra Cotton
- Bolt of Cloth now required for all cloth based robes, outfits and hoods (gloves and boots assume your character uses
the cloth 'scraps' for the small amount of cloth they would need; therefore no additional components required
in the recipe)
- Bug fix for Dragonscale Novice Robe recipe
- Bug fix for Novice Robe recipe conditions
- Added Dark Brotherhood: Shrouded Robe/Hood/Gloves/Shoes; Shrouded Redguard Outfit/Hood/Boots; Jester's Set

- Added College Boots and Archmage Boots (similar in style, but slightly different)
- Added Vaermina Robes
- Added Black Boots and Brown Boots

- Added Psiijic Boots and Gloves
- Added Mystic Gloves (College of Winterhold)
- Added Thalmor Robe (Hooded and non-hooded), gloves, boots (all unenchanted)
- There are 2 quests that can unlock them

- Bug fix for Novice Robe having the wrong model. Caution, if you upgrade from 2.00 after you make the bad Novice
Robe, the item will disappear. Break it down for components first, then upgrade and smith a new one.

- Added robes and hoods related to the College of Winterhold.

- Added Elven, Glass and Dragonscale versions of all colored robes and hoods
- Removed the 'Crown' slot from hooded robes and added a recipe for a 'hidden' helm that can be worn with the hooded
robe (or alone if you want a no-helm look)
- Added Black Hood, Cowl, and Leather Hood

- Initial Release

Future Plans
- Executioners set
- Some misc options (mostly gloves and boots)
- Light Armor Expansion: Various existing light armor appearence options in Elven, Glass, Dragonscale (Nightingale,
Thieves Guild, Guild Master, Dark Brotherhood, Savior's Hide, etc)
- Heavy Armor Expansion: Various existing heavy armor appearence options in Dwarven, Orcish, Ebony, Daedric,
Dragonplate (Wolf, Blades, Imperial, Ebony Mail)

valdosa for some ideas behind breaking down and recycling armor
The SkyEdit team for such a great tool

My Other Mods
Valdacil's Item Sorting:
Valdacil's Light Armor Robes:

Complete List of Included Armors
'Hidden' Helms:
- Leather
- Elven
- Glass
- Dragonscale

Leather, Elven, Glass, Dragonscale Robes/Gloves/Boots:
- Black Robe
- Black Hooded Robe
- Black Boots
- Blue Robe
- Blue Hooded Robe
- Brown Robe
- Brown Hooded Robe
- Brown Boots
- Green Robe
- Green Hooded Robe
- Grey Robe
- Grey Hooded Robe
- Monk Robe
- Monk Hooded Robe
- Necromancer Robe
- Necromancer Hooded Robe
- Red Robe (actually it is a white robe with red trim, but I kept the name from the editor)
- Red Hooded Robe
- Vaermina Robe

Leather, Elven, Glass, Dragonscale Hoods:
- Black Hood
- Cowl (seen work by various 'farmers', clips unless you have very short hair)
- Leather Hood

Thalmor (Leather, Elven, Glass, Dragonscale [All unenchanted]):
- Thalmor Robe
- Thalmor Hooded Robe
- Thalmor Boots
- Thalmor Gloves

College of Winterhold (Leather, Elven, Glass, Dragonscale [All unenchanted]):
- Novice Robe
- Novice Hood
- Apprentice Robe
- Apprentice Hood
- Adept Robe
- Adept Hood
- Expert Robe (there wasn't an Expert Hood)
- Master Robe (there wasn't a Master Hood)
- Archmage's Robe
- Archmage's Hooded Robe
- Archmage's Boots
- Psiijic Robe
- Psiijic Hood
- Psiijic Gloves
- Psiijic Boots
- Mystic Gloves
- College Boots

Dark Brotherhood (Leather, Elven, Glass, Dragonscale [All unenchanted]):
- Shrouded Robe
- Shrouded Hood
- Shrouded Shoes
- Shrouded Hand Wraps
- Shrouded Redguard Outfit
- Shrouded Redguard Boots
- Shrouded Redguard Hood
- Jester's Outfit
- Jester's Gloves
- Jester's Boots
- Jester's Hat

Greybeard (Leather, Elven, Glass, Dragonscale):
- Greybeard's Robe
- Greybeard's Hood
- Greybeard's Boots

Hammerfell (Leather, Elven, Glass, Dragonscale):
- Hammerfell Outfit
- Hammerfell Hood
- Hammerfell Boots

Mythic Dawn (Leather, Elven, Glass, Dragonscale):
- Mythic Dawn Robe
- Mythic Dawn Hooded Robe
- Mythic Dawn Gloves
- Mythic Dawn Boots

Sheogorath (Leather, Elven, Glass, Dragonscale):
- Sheogorath Outfit
- Sheogorath Boots